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Muse of Fire



James O'Leary


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April 11: Thanks to everyone – cast, writers, directors, production crew, and audience – who made “Apocalypse Tonight!” such a not-disaster! The evening was fun and thought-provoking. The variety of disasters on display in the stories, plays, and poems was such that we added a “Bingo of the Apocalypse” card to keep track of them. (And yes, we had bingo at the end, diagonal: Science, Flood, Cosmic Horror, Nuclear, and Intermission in the free space in the middle.)

And so we bid farewell to the end of the world and prepare for our next show: “Muse of Fire: A Poetry Road Trip.” It’s an evening of poetry for those who love poetry and those who aren’t sure what poetry is. We’ll feature great poems, a play or two about poetry, and some surprises! Writers, submit your plays or stories with a poetry or poet theme by April 25 to (Note, though, that we’re looking for plays and stories about poetry…not poetry itself! We’ll supply those…)