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July 21, 2017 
We are pleased to announce our cast for the August 6 “One Night Stand with American History.” Linda Swanson Brown, Randy Diamon, Joi Hiatt, Erik Kemp, Jillian Price, Doug Tisdale, Dave Ufford, Brad Wagner and Katie Walker will be helping our playwrights tell some intriguing stories about the United States, along with newcomer OD Duhu, aided by directors Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins and myself. Here are quotes from a couple of the plays we’ll be presenting: 

“I realize your brain is roughly the same size and service as a tea biscuit, but understand. This is about freedom.” –Revolutionary Service by Kay Phillips (about a Colonial witch who performs an unusual service for the American army) 

“Davy Crockett took a deep, shaky breath of night air and looked out over the wall towards the Mexican camp. It was getting close to dawn. He had a lump the size of Texas in his throat and his knees shook so bad that he had to lean against the wall for support.” – Morning Too Soon by Wayne Faust (about what happens when historians from the future make a wager on the events at the Alamo)

July 6, 2017
We have selected five plays and one short story for our “One Night Stand with American History” on August 6. Congratulations to these writers who will be taking us on an unusual journey through our country’s history:

* A witch helps America win independence one limb at a time in “Revolutionary Service” by Kay Phillips.

* Historians from the future test Davy Crockett’s heroism at the Alamo in “Morning Too Soon” by Wayne Faust.

* A Civil War plantation owner barters with a sinister alligator hunter in “American Alligator” by Jacqueline Garcia.

* An elderly woman hides a notorious Old West gunslinger in “B the K” by Christopher Hildebrandt.

* John F. Kennedy, Fidel Castro and their translators battle over missiles and baseball in “Fall Guys” by J.C. Svec.

* A Vietnam War widow receives a Christmas Eve visit from her estranged sister-in-law in “A Rum Cake for Rita” by David-Matthew Barnes.


June 12: Thanks to everyone who made the “One Night Stand with Dave Brandl” on Sunday night such a success. Special thank-yous to our very receptive audience, the many Brandls who graced the stage (and behind the scenes), and our “guest ghost” for the evening. We are also pleased to welcome our latest 7-Night Standers: Hannah Tippit and Linda Swanson Brown! 

Our next show is August 6: “One Night Stand with American History.” We’ll be featuring short plays and stories about the history of America: the good, the bad, the mysterious, and the strange. If you are a writer/playwright and want to submit a story, play, or poem for “One Night Stand with American History,” send your work to by June 26.