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August 3: Thanks to everyone who came to see “One Night Stand in the Wild West”! It was a great success…hanging out with Stagecoach Billy, Darlin’ Dave Brandl (the Singing Cowboy), the gang at the Mountain Boys Saloon, Doc Holliday, Charles Goodnight, Charlie Buck, Belle, General Grant, Teagarden, the summer rangers at Little Bighorn National Monument, Paul the Parakeet, and the patrons of the anonymous Native American gift shop. It was a night of laughter and drama (and in one case, shock). I realized after the show that there are so many more stories to tell about the Old West, so we’ll be thinking about doing a sequel in a couple of years. Thank you, playwrights, directors and actors!

Coming up next: “One Night Stand’s Animal Kingdom” on  October 4. Playwrights and short story writers, send us your animal-themed stories for consideration by  August 31 (at We’ll consider poems, too! (“There once was a dog named McPhee…”)

July 28: Rehearsals continue for our “Wild West” show. There’s a lot of gunplay and tobacco chewin’, and some mighty fine actin’, too! Here are great lines from one of the plays and one of the stories we’ll feature on Sunday night:

  • “I can take care of myself. I ain’t afraid to love a man. I sure ain’t afraid to shoot one.” – A Calamity at the Mountain Boys Saloon by D.J. Jones
  • “He sat sipping his suds and admiring his own reflection in the mirror back of the bottles and thinking about small birds when in walked Sly himself and his parakeet Paul.” – Robber Sly by Edwin Forrest Ward

Looking ahead, we are accepting plays, stories, etc. for our October 4 show, “One Night Stand’s Wild Kingdom.” The theme is animals: pets, wild creatures, and the humans who love and fear them. The deadline for entries is August 31 (at

July 15: Announcing our cast for “One Night Stand in the Wild West”: Bevin Antea, Dave Brandl, Linda Swanson Brown, Andrew Dus, Kristin Honiotes, Charles Kolar, Tom Salcedo, Dave Ufford, Brad Wagner, and Suzanna Wellens …and welcome to One Night Stand newcomers Trinity LaFey, Brett Ford and Dante Finley! We begin rehearsals this weekend with the horrible secret of “Silverheels,” followed by the delightful revelations of “Robber Sly.” Here is some “tough talk” from the turbulent Old West plays and stories we’ll be presenting:

“Before you snuff him out, I’d consider it a kindness if you sent this boy over to me, so’s I can sell him some spectacles. Not that he’ll need them long.” –  Peacemaker by Patrick Dorn.

“Let's leave life in the prime and go with glory. Our bones can feed the vultures!” – Silverheels by Steve Hunter

“In the event of runaway horses, remain calm.” – Stagecoach Billy by Marcus France

July 1: Here are the plays, short stories, and other works we’ve chosen for “One Night Stand in the Wild West” on August 2:

· The Battle of the Little Bighorn springs to life for modern-day park rangers in “Custer’s Grave” by Tami Canaday.
· A young man with a horrible secret takes Ulysses S. Grant on a wild stagecoach ride in “Silverheels” and an adopted Native American girl discovers her heritage in “Sand Creek” by Steve Hunter.
· Selecting the right weapon to take down a romantic rival proves an arduous task for a lovesick teenager in “Peacemaker” by Patrick Dorn.
· Looks are deceiving for a Wild West legend in “Calamity at the Mountain Boys Saloon” by D.J. Jones.
· A man who’s got nothing meets a man out of time in “Lost” by J. Jackson.
· A cutlass-wielding burglar in 1890s Denver regrets his fowl accomplice in “Robby Sly," by Ed Ward.
· Learn the rules of the road from “Stagecoach Billy” by Marcus France.
· Discover the final resting place of the Old West in “Boot Hill to Goodnight, Texas” by Linda Berry.

Lorraine Scott, Kristin Honiotes, Brenda Hoskins and Jim O’Leary will direct, we are gathering the cast, and there will be music! More details to follow…