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Bible Stories



James O'Leary


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July 13: I’m happy to announce our cast for “Bible Stories!” Say hello to our 10 devout disciples: David Brandl, Matt Davis, Scott Hasbrouck, Charles Kolar, Amanda Rose Villarreal, Allyx Townend, David Ufford, Jim Valone, Brad Wagner and Wade Wood! Rehearsals begin soon…here are quotes from three of the plays we’ll be presenting:

“Moses, try…try very, very hard—try your very best—to get used to miracles.” – Moses and I-Am by Kathleen Hopkins

“We were powerful once! The Big Seven! They were puny compared to us! Come on! What happened to us? When did we start sliding toward their side?!” – The Artists Formerly Known as Deadly by Julie Excell

“Remember when we did the show for the Egyptians? I should’ve known then I was washed up.” – Samson Agonizes by Jennie MacDonald

July 7: We have chosen our plays and stories for “Bible Stories!” on August 7. Thank you to everyone who submitted their work, and congratulations to the following: 

·  Adam, Eve, God and the Snake gather in paradise for “High Noon in the Garden of Good and Evil” by Linda Berry.

· An Old Testament strongman grapples with the loss of his strength, hair and confidence in “Samson Agonizes” by Jennie MacDonald.

· A miracle goes awry because of one finicky diner in “Jesus Feeds the 4,999” by Kay Poiro.

· A burning bush may not be the best way to inspire a prophet in “Moses and I-Am” by Kathleen O’Neill Hopkins.

· Lucifer explores the Garden of Gethsemane and free will in “The Devil’s Due” by Cody Sanford.

 Following the rules is not always easy in “The Ten Commandments: A Short Pondering” by Dave Brandl.

 Nikos Kazantzakis and the mayor of Eremos Springs discover a fifth-dimension portal to the Sermon on the Mount in “The Last Temptation” by Carl Norbeck.

· A frightening children’s Bible story surfaces years later in “Let That Be a Lesson…” by J. Jackson.

· The Seven Deadly Sins struggle with corporate downsizing in “The Artists Formerly Known as Deadly” by Julie Excell.