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February 9: We had a great time with “Weird Love, Dark Kisses” on Sunday night. The audience was large and lively and the actors were great! Thank you to everyone who participated and attended. The “Ask an Actor” segments were a lot of fun…our cast did a fantastic job being “love experts” and answering questions from the audience. The questions included the subjects of arranged marriages, shoe size, a red-headed actor in a basement, and the sexual identity of a dog named Binky. We didn’t have time to answer the questions about threesomes, Valentine’s Day gifts, the difference between love and lust, and many others. Perhaps we’ll “Ask an Actor” again in a future show…

Next up is “Voices for Change: Tales of Social Strife and Injustice” on April 12. It’s an evening of plays and stories about social issues, which covers a lot of ground! Writers can send us material for consideration at by March 2, or send us an e-mail if you want more information.

February 6: We’re putting the finishing touches on our “Weird Love” show and can hardly wait to share our strange and bizarre tales with you! Our 4 plays, 1 short story, 1 monologue and 1 poem take place in a restaurant, a bar, a hotel room, a kitchen, a light-rail car, a graveyard…all places where love and passion blossom. We will also feature “Ask an Actor,” where our cast answers questions about love and sex submitted by the audience! It has been great at rehearsals watching our directors (Katie, Geri, Cindy and Lorraine) bring out the best in our actors (Nicole, Matt, Matt the Second, Logan, Kaity, Cassie, Susan, Suzanna and Tom). I’ve seen some passionate performances and even a little skin…and so will you! I hope to see you at the Vintage on Sunday night!

January 25: We are pleased to announce our cast for the Feb. 8 “Weird Love, Dark Kisses” show. Nicole Campbell, Matthew Cantwell, Logan Custer, Matt Davis, Kaity Gray, Cassie Kelso, Susan Rahmsdorff, Tom Salcedo and Suzanna Wellens are starting rehearsals this week with directors Katie Mangett, Geri Crawley, Cindy Hall and Lorraine Scott. The actors are playing roles from quirky to kinky to downright murderous!

Following our “Weird Love” show is April 12 “Voices for Change: Tales of Social Strife and Injustice.” This evening will feature plays and stories (and maybe poems) about social issues of all kinds. Writers can send us material at by March 2, or send us an e-mail asking for more information.

January 11: We have selected our plays and stories for the upcoming “Weird Love, Dark Kisses” evening. Congratulations to the writers…we look forward to performing their work!

· A demon woman destroys those she loves in “Cacodemon” by Melanie Tem.
· A man discovers an old flame in the wrong place in “The Anxiety Dream” by Peter Nemenoff.
· A businesswoman tests hot waters with an Icelandic curler in “Complete Strangers” by John Wolter.
· A recipe for chilled fruit soup saves a struggling marriage in “Simmer” by Nicolette Vajtay.
· A one night stand with an Irish seductress turns horrific in “Birkana” by Leroy Leonard.
· An undefinable feeling pursues a lost soul in “Sexual Abstraction” by Gina Wencel.
· All good things must come to an end for a young man and his duck in “Quack” by Patrick Gabridge.

Some of the pieces are goofy and funny, while others are dark and tragic. There’s a “mature audiences only” caution for the show… not for all of the pieces, but a couple of them are not appropriate for children (and probably some adults). We are now gathering the directors and actors, so more on that later.

December 17: A big thank you to our actors, crew, directors and playwrights who made our December 14 Christmas show such a wonderful event! There was just enough snow outside to put us in the holiday spirit, the more sensitive audience members survived our “Santa Spoiler,” and everyone got to see our last-minute Christmas decorations. (Next time, perhaps there will be lights!) We hope memories of St. Nick, Aunt Ethel, Babushka, Jeffrey the man-child, and other delightful characters stay in your hearts for weeks (or at least days). Happy Holidays to everyone!

Looking forward to the New Year, our next show, February 8, is called “Weird Love, Dark Kisses.” It’s an evening of readings about the darker, stranger side of romance, love and sex. We’re reviewing short plays, stories, poems, etc. to include in the show, so writers are encouraged to send us appropriate material at by December 30. The stranger the better! 

Christmas 2014

December 5: Here isthe cast for our Christmas show: Dave Brandl, Samara Bridwell, Matt Davis, Randy Diamon, Dell Domnik, Karen Kargell, Katie Mangett, Jeff Miller and Lorraine Scott. Lorraine will be sharing directing with Cindy Hall and me. It’s a great cast and the rehearsals this week have been a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the performance and hope everyone can join us for our “little” holiday show!

November 16: We have selected the pieces for our Christmas show! These include “Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” by Pat Gabridge (warning, this play contains a Santa spoiler), a play set in the 1940s called “The St. Nicholas Caper” by Jeanette MacDonald, and a short remembrance called “The True Meaning of Christmas” by Tom Flynn. (Jeannette and Tom have both acted with ONS, so it’s great to feature their writing talents the time around.) We have some “traditional” pieces (meaning we don’t know who wrote them) and are working on a couple of surprises as well. Our December show will be a shorter affair (about 80 minutes instead of our usual 2 hours) so the price is small to match! We’ll be casting soon and keep you updated.