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March 15: Here are the six short plays and one short story we have selected for our explosive “social issues” evening on April 12, “Voices for Change”:

· “Delivered” by Jeffrey Neuman: Prejudice and complacency lead to tragedy on a Milwaukee street.
· “Imperfections” by Patrick Dorn: A young married couple visits Build a Baby Corp. to genetically engineer their first child.
·  “Holy Martyr” by Marianne Page: A memorial for a school shooting hosts a strange and tragic visitor.
· “Et Tu, Brute” by Cody Sanford:  A downtown panhandler runs into an old buddy with a new life.
· “An Inconvenient Date” by Peter Nemenoff: Global warming and a bad date kick off a roommate intervention.
· “Walkin’ the Mile” by Wayne Faust: A racist trades prison time for an unusual new rehabilitation program.
· “How Does It Feel to Be a Problem” by Patrick Gabridge: A father has a life-and-death talk with his adopted black son.

Congratulations to our writers, and thank you to everyone who sent in a play, poem or story for the show. We are now gathering the actors and matching plays to directors (Lorraine Scott, Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins and Kristin Honiotes). We hope you’ll be able to attend this intriguing evening of staged readings at the Vintage!