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Victorian Secrets



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October 5: Thanks to everyone who made our “Victorian Secrets” evening a success! Lots of work went into the show and it paid off… I hope everyone had a great time. I enjoyed putting the “Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson” spin on the introductions and our twelve actors did a wonderful job portraying the Victorian characters. Special thanks to our first-time actors: Patti, Jillian, Doug, James, and Helena! Thanks also to our playwrights and writers, both living (Leroy, Greg, Jennie, Patrick and J.) and deceased (Oscar, Lewis and G&S).

Up next is our December 10 show at Red Rocks Community College: “In the Works,” featuring short plays from RRCC students, faculty and alumni. We are also putting together our 2017 season and will announce it in the near future. (The first 2017 show will February 12 at the Vintage Theater, with a romance theme.)

October 1: This Sunday night our “Victorian Secrets” will be revealed! Our evening of 19th-century people and places features short plays, play excerpts, poetry (courtesy of Lewis Carroll) and even some music (courtesy of Gilbert and Sullivan). I hope everyone will be able to attend! 

Here are two “final quotes” from our Victorian plays: 

“The amount of women in London who flirt with their own husbands is perfectly scandalous….It is simply washing one’s clean linen in public.” – The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde 

“Rodents! Bane of the earth. With their sharp little teeth and ravenous hunger. Before you, no one ever cared about rabbits. Rabbits. Rabbits. Rabbits.” –Beatrix Potter Must Die! by Patrick Gabridge

September 24: We are in rehearsals for “Victorian Secrets” with our great cast and directors, commiserating with Oscar Wilde, Dracula, merry widows, distraught suitors, and other denizens of the Victorian era (and an angry farmer from the future…or is he from the present?). We don’t have high tea during rehearsal but we do have bottled water and snacks. Below are some quotes from the plays and poems we’ll be presenting on October 2: 

“We had to expand the British Empire as far as possible. Ever seen a map? Britain is a really small place.” – Queen Victoria in Legacy by J. Jackson 

“Are you the bean gentleman my mother no longer nibbles and has cast upon the compost heap?” – The Man Who Ate His Wife by Leroy Leonard 

 “He thought he saw a Rattlesnake/That questioned him in Greek:/He looked again, and found it was/The Middle of Next Week.” – The Mad Gardener’s Song by Lewis Carroll

September 15: We have our cast for “Victorian Secrets”! We welcome back Nicole Campbell, Adrian Hart, Kurt Keilbach, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, Guy Williams, Suzanna Wellens and Doug Tisdale, Jr., and say hello to our new actors: James Crapes, Patti Murtha, Helena Orr, Jillian Price and Doug Tisdale, Sr.! Rehearsals start next week with directors Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins, Tami Canaday and myself. Here are quotes from two of the Victorian-era plays we’ll be presenting on October 2: 

“This Victorian age. Utterly repressed yet beautifully liberal. Only in the confines of the bedroom, however. Licentiousness requires a formal public face.” – Count Dracula in Bloodlines by Gregory Younger 

“You must have a mourning bicycle. It is an admirable method of assuaging grief and getting wholesome exercise.” – A Merry Widow or Two by Jennie MacDonald

September 1:We are pleased to announce our lineup for the October 2 “Victorian Secrets” show: plays, stories, and poems featuring classic characters (both real and imaginary) of 19th-century England. We’re featuring pieces by five contemporary writers and two of the Victorian era’s most famous authors:

  • A Victorian widow combines mourning, shopping, and bewilderment in “A Merry Widow or Two” by Jennie MacDonald.
  • Dracula throws a dinner party for his friends and enemies in “Bloodlines” by Gregory Younger.
  • An American farmer travels back in time to confront the creator of Peter Rabbit in “Beatrix Potter Must Die!” by Patrick Gabridge.
  • Queen Victoria of England and King Leopold of Belgium wrestle with their reputations on the internet in “Legacy” by J. Jackson.
  • A desperate man follows in the footsteps of Doctor Frankenstein to win the woman he loves in “The Man Who Ate His Wife” by Leroy Leonard.
  • We sample Victorian-era literature with a selection from Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” and the nonsense poetry of “Alice in Wonderland’s” Lewis Carroll.