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Tune In Tomorrow



James O'Leary


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July 24: We are in rehearsals now for “Tune in Tomorrow” with our great cast! Each of our actors is playing multiple roles, and some are also doing sound effects! Here’s a sampling: Dave Brandl is performing as Voltar of Mars and J. Edgar Hoover; Matthew Davis is the hero for “The Black Figurine of Death” and an emotional young actor with a dark secret in “The Fishbowl”; John Greene is personification of “Romance” as well as a Hollywood agent; and Cindy Hall plays Kitty Kerrigan (Hollywood movie star) and Fema, a hideous snake-like creature from Mars. Sydney Kenney is playing both interstellar stowaways in “The Planet Man”; Charles Kolar plays Timmy, a ventriloquist dummy; Fred Lewis plays both a prison warden and a 1940s theater director (as well the futuristic “Metallic Voice”); and Jeannette MacDonald is a desperate woman in “The Valiant” and an unlucky housemaid in “The Black Figurine of Death.” Mark Ogle plays a professor, a lawyer, and an old prospector; Lorraine Scott plays two actors plus a jilted fiancĂ©; Brad Wagner is a 12-year-old cowboy and a strong believer in the supernatural; and Guy Williams is both a condemned murderer and Dantro, The Planet Man.  A supernatural mystery, a sci-fi serial, a cowboy Western, a sentimental crime story, and two episodes of “One Night Stand Mystery” -  I hope we can keep track of all these characters!

July 9: We’ve selected our radio plays for “Tune in Tomorrow”! They’re all 1940s-type radio dramas; some of them are real scripts from the Golden Age of Radio, and some are our own twisted versions of programs of that era.  We have “The Valiant” for heartbreaking romance and tragedy, “The Black Figurine of Death” for chilling mystery, “The Planet Man” for science-fiction thrills, and “Bobby Benson and the B-Bar-B Riders” for Western action. We also have two “One Night Stand Mysteries,” in which we dramatize past events of One Night Stand Theater into exciting “whodunnits.” (OK, we super-dramatized them.) The two ONS mysteries are “The Fifth Column” and “The Fish Bowl.” We are now getting the cast together and planning rehearsals. We hope to see you at the show on August 3rd!