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Aliens Among Us




James O'Leary


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August 11: We have selected our play and stories for “Sci-Fi Theater 2: Aliens Among Us”! They are “Time Slot” by Kay Poiro (1950s aliens), “Suckpuppies” by Wayne Faust (parasitic aliens), “Plants” by J. Starling (wooden aliens), “Sanctuary” by Simon Fill (hopeful aliens), “Professors TweedleDee and TweedleDum Contemplate the Likelihood of Intelligent Life” by Bill Thompson (alien-like academics), “That Foggy Night” by Mark Ogle (“repeat” alien from June 2013), and “The Other Side of the Stars” by Wyllis Cooper (1940s radio aliens). Some of these space creatures are nice, and some are downright murderous. We will be finding directors and actors in the next month for our Oct. 5 performance. More details later!