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November 15: We have chosen our six plays for “In the Works” on Dec. 12, from Red Rocks Community College theatre faculty and playwrighting students: 

  • Everything goes wrong when preparing for a blind date in “Popcorn Problems” by Jonathan Burgart.
  • A chance encounter uncovers a homeless woman’s heartbreaking past in “Park Bench” by Stephanie Mitchell.
  • A son’s final visit to his mother is filled with regret and redemption in “Orestes Learns” by Hannah Zihlman.
  • A young man wrestles with temptation, self-esteem, his mind and his cell phone in “A Quick Trip to Happiness” by Leodis Smith.
  • A woman takes drastic steps to rid herself of optimism in “Killing Pollyanna” by Pamela Jamruszka Mencher.
  • Two Americans on a Greek island explore a second chance for romance in “The Clutch” by David-Matthew Barnes.

Our December show will be at a special time and place7:30 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 12 at Red Rocks Community College’s Theatre at the Lakewood campus. We hope you can join us for this evening! Casting is underway and we’ll announce the actors soon.