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June 8: We had a GREAT time at “One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard” on Sunday night. The audience was lively, the cast was energetic, and the plays, stories and poems by Leroy were wonderful! The torrential downpour during our technical rehearsal was so loud on the theater roof that we could barely hear each other for about 15 minutes, but fortunately the rain went away for the performance! At the end of the show we presented Leroy with the giant boxer shorts used for the “Waiting for Sparky” reading, signed by the cast and directors during intermission. Thanks, Leroy, for giving us such interesting material to work with, and thank you, directors, actors, Cody and Beth for making the show happen. (And thank you to Matt Davis, who took some great pictures of the rehearsal and performance.)

Coming up next, we have changed the name of our next show (on August 2) from “One Night Stand in the Old West” to “One Night Stand in the Wild West.” What does that mean?!? Will the show be Wild instead of Old, or will it be both Wild and Old? We will be putting together the show in the next month. For any writers reading this, our deadline for entries is June 22 (at submit short plays, stories or poems dealing with the Old (and Wild!) West, Colorado history, or the American Frontier.

May 23: Here is our cast for “One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard”: Samara Bridwell, Linda Swanson Brown, Nicole Campbell, Randy Diamon, Kaity Gray, John Hauser, Charles Kolar, Jeff Miller, Guy Williams and Kathi Wood. Rehearsals are already underway with “Waiting for Sparky” and “Assorted Endings” and we begin in earnest this week. Here is my favorite line exchange (so far), from “Waiting for Sparky”:
ROGER: I know what underwear is.
AVERY: No, you don’t, Roger. You say you do, but you don’t.

May 12: We have finalized the lineup for our “One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard” on June 7:

· A woman keeps her deceased lover much too close to her heart in “Found Oasis.”
· A teenager’s rebellion takes on a holiday flavor in “The Hindu Christmas.”
· A peaceful Midwestern backyard is the setting for an extreme identity crisis in “Waiting for Sparky.”
· Service with a smile turns deadly in “Coffee at the Waffle Wagon.”
· A dramatic conclusion to the evening, satisfying or otherwise, proves impossible in “Assorted Endings.”

We’ll also present a cutting from Leroy’s full-length play “Achromat” and three of his poems: “Today I Made Myself,” “Everyone Is an Astronomer” and “Impending.” Katie Mangett, Geri Crawley, Cindy Hall, Tami Canaday and Jim O’Leary will direct, and we are now gathering the cast! More to come…