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October 12: A big thank-you to everyone who attended and participated in our “Mystery Radio Theater.” It was tremendous fun…and not just because of the 1940s-style smoking and drinking that appeared to run amok on stage. I will think back fondly on the evening when I’m using our commercial sponsors’ products (sitting by a Blue Coal fire with my Bromo-Seltzer and Rory Malone Lollipops). A special thanks to Cody and our sound-effects artists (our actors!) for going above and beyond. Also welcome our newest 7Night Stander, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, who with our radio show has appeared in seven One Night Stand Theater shows.

Up next is our December 9 show at Red Rocks Community College: “In the Works,” featuring short plays from RRCC students, faculty, and alumni. We are also putting together our 2018 season and will announce it in the near future. (The first 2018 show will be February 18 at the Vintage Theater.)

October 6: We finished our “Mystery Radio Theater” rehearsals Thursday night and are preparing for the show this Sunday night, September 8, at the Vintage Theater. We’ve had a lot of fun rehearsing these stories from the Golden Age of Radio (12 actors playing 39 roles plus performing sound effects) and you’ll really enjoy our four radio plays. Join us for Dark and Stormy Night (featuring Inspector Bumble and the mysterious Skippy), The Haunting Hour (a woman in danger, but from whom?), The Shadow (a trip to New England to confront a murderous ghost),andPat Novak for Hire (danger on the San Francisco waterfront).

September 29: We are in the middle of rehearsing for “Mystery Radio Theater” and it has been great fun watching the actors perform these old-time radio plays (from 1941, 1945, and 1949, and one new radio play in the 1940s style). The plays have a dark and isolated mansion, a trenchcoated detective, a nightclub psychic, and a murderous ghost, and we hope you’ll join us for the Oct. 8 show. Here are quotes from two of the radio plays featured: 

“We were just looking around in here, having heard of the ghost...and knowing that all good ghosts use secret passageways and such, we hoped we might stumble on one.” – The Shadow: The Ghost Walks Again (1941) 

“Hellman had nothing to work on and he’d stick to me, like scotch tape in a bowl of cotton.” – Pat Novak…For Hire (1949)

September 19: We have gathered our cast for the October 8 “Mystery Radio Theater” program. Guy Williams, Dave Brandl, Kurt Keilbach, Linda Swanson Brown, Dave Ufford, Matt Davis, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, Randy Diamon, Adrian Hart, Jeff Miller, Scott Hasbrouck and Jillian Price will perform old-time radio plays full of mystery, intrigue and adventure! Here are quotes from two of our plays (one from the 1940s, and the other brand-new): 

“Put two and two together, Bumble! Big, spooky, isolated house. Dark and stormy night? Of course the only bridge is washed out!” – Dark and Stormy Night by D.J. Jones

 “Come on, be a sport. Our murder plot is just beginning to get interesting.” – The Haunting Hour: The Thought (1945)

September 9, 2017
We have selected our radio plays for “Mystery Radio Theater” on October 8. We have three scripts from the Golden Age of Radio and one new radio play, designed to give our audience chills and thrills! 

·  What happens when a psychic discovers a murder plot during his nightclub act? It means mortal danger for young Helen Thornton in “The Thought,” an episode of “The Haunting Hour” from 1945.

Life is tough when you’re trying to make a living on the San Francisco waterfront. It’s even tougher when a sultry dame hires you for a job without giving you the score and you wind up a murder suspect in 1949’s “Pat Novak…For Hire.”

· Is the ghost of Sir Roger Mathus terrorizing a small New England village? Lamont Cranston is determined to discover the truth as…The Shadow…in “The Ghost Walks Again” from 1941.

And a new radio play by D.J. Jones tells the story of a police inspector, a widow, a butler and a hair stylist on a “Dark and Stormy Night.”