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February 3: Announcing our cast for “One Night Stand in Hollywood”: Samara Bridwell, Jeff Miller, Doug Tisdale, Katie Mangett, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, Kelly Hasbrouck, Brad Wagner, Chelsea Rossetto, Kurt Keilbach and Scott Hasbrouck! These shining stars will team up with directors Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins, Lorraine Scott and Jim O’Leary (me!) for an evening of stories and plays about the movies and the Hollywood dream machine. Below are two sneak previews from the stellar works featured on Feb. 21:
A screenwriter preps for the red carpet: “The Hollywood culture somewhat understands and forgives that writers are much too busy matching nouns and verbs, or fighting off interfering adjectives, to work out with the same intensity as the stars. At least I had one more notch left on the girdle. I hitched ‘er up.” – Sea of Red by Jan McConnell Adams
Inspiration for the next big rom-com: “Boy likes girl, but he really likes her dog.” – How to Write a Hollywood Smash Hit by Dave Brandl and Melissa Wheeler


January 16: We have chosen our plays and stories for “One Night Stand in Hollywood” on February 21. Congratulations to our writers!

* A hard-living movie star’s climb back to the top comes at a price in “Pound of Flesh” by Kay Poiro.

* Fred Astaire meets a most unusual dance partner in “The Sound of One Foot Dancing” by James Van Pelt.

* A woman has a tight squeeze trying to fit in at the Oscars in “Sea of Red” by Jan McConnell Adams.

* Reality blurs for a Marilyn Monroe impersonator in “To Be Her” by Gina Wencel.

* Coffee-shop screenwriters get inspiration from their barista in “How to Write a Hollywood Smash Hit” by David Brandl and Melissa Wheeler.

* An Alfred Hitchcock film dictates one final fix for a new apartment in “The Mind” by J. Jackson.

* A Midwestern baker yearns for adventure on the Seven Seas in “Calypso” by Catherine Wiley. 

We’re also considering an audience contest and other surprises! The actors and directors will gather in the next couple of weeks and then rehearsals begin.