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Trains and Planes



James O'Leary


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March 22: We are happy to announce the cast of our next show: Joining our “Trains and Planes” jaunt are One Night Stand Theater veterans MaryAnn Amari, Erin Bell, David Brandl, James Crapes, Emily Gomes, Hilarie Nelson and Doug Tisdale, and newcomers Joi Hiatt and Lauren Russell. Rehearsals begin soon with directors Tami Canaday, Cindy Hall, Brenda Hoskins and myself. Here are some lines from two of the plays we’ll be presenting at the April 9 show: 

“She told me to think of my writing career as an airport. To be successful, you must have something boarding, departing, landing and taking off simultaneously.” – Taking Off by David-Matthew Barnes 

“Have I just been compared to a urinal?” – Physics and Tea by Ross Peter Nelson

March 11: We are pleased to announce the plays and stories for our April 9 “Trains and Planes” show! Congratulations to the writers who will be taking us on these exciting travels:

· Unseen forces on an Italian train bring two young travelers together in “Physics and Tea” by Ross Peter Nelson.

· A treacherous journey to Denver connects a worried mother and a solitary hitchhiker in “After the Rain” by Julie Excell.

· The widow at Gate 12 has an unexpected reaction to a plane crash in “Taking Off” by David-Matthew Barnes.

· A chance reunion of old friends on the Boston Blue Line turns criminal in “Escape to Wonderland” by Patrick Gabridge.

· A trip to the Santa Monica Airport with a plane-loving 10-year-old resonates decades later in “Tango Oscar Mike” by Beth Foster.

· A child’s adventurous train ride from Chicago to Cairo is not what it seems in “Train Story” by Leslie Lewis.

We’ll also feature songs and ghost stories about trains! We hope you can join us for this fun evening.