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Welcome to our virtual theater for another audio mini-show: Back to school with plays and stories of scary teachers, lunchroom hijinks and prom pranks.

The show is in three parts (click on each to listen):

Part 1 (14 minutes)
“For a Loop” by Donna Hoke
“Sister Michael Mary” by Dave Ufford


Part 2 (15 minutes)
“The Bully” by Jeff O’Leary
“The Good Ones” by J. Jackson


Part 3 (22 minutes)
“Punch Bowl” by David-Matthew Barnes
“The Lowering Wilderness” by Jon Jory


Performed by:
Erin Bell, Linda Swanson Brown, Randy Diamon, Joi Hiatt, Jack McCarthy, Brooke Olson, Maria Ortiz, Kytriena Payseno, Jillian Price, Theodore Story, Dave Ufford and Guy Williams

Part 1
00:00 / 13:57
Part 2
00:00 / 14:09
Part 3
00:00 / 21:33

If you'd like to make a donation to help us cover the cost of our mini-show, click here: 



Get ready for our Haunted Halloween


Congratulations to the playwrights, writers and poets of our upcoming Haunted Halloween audio mini-show! We’ve assembled nine tales of Halloween horror and hilarity:


  • Witness the end of a vampire hunter in “Old and In the Way” by Wayne Faust.

  • Welcome “The Return of the Grandmummy!” by Dave Ufford.

  • Experience the deranged terror of “The Troubles” by Beth Foster.

  • Play a game of supernatural “Strip Poker” by Leroy Leonard.

  • Glimpse the ghosts of the Mississippi Delta in the poem “The Borrowing” by Maggie Guntren.

  • Listen to true-life tales of alarming apparitions and perilous pranks with “Believing in the Unbelievable” by Gina Wencel, “The Baca Killers” by Erin Bell, “Ghost of Golden Gate Park” by Jeff O’Leary and “By the Shore” by Jennie MacDonald.


Our Halloween mini-show will be available on our website in late October. You can listen to our current show, Back to School, on our website (above) along with all of our previous mini-shows on this website on the menu’s Past Shows.


Two announcements about our plans for October:


1. We have decided to postpone our return to live theater for a little while longer. Our One Night Stand Jukebox show will take place in February rather than this October.


2. In the meantime, we will be presenting another audio online mini-show: One Night Stand’s Haunted Halloween. We are looking for plays, stories, poems, memories and more around the theme of Halloween and horror: comedic or dramatic, frightening or disturbing, starring ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, monsters or anything that goes bump in the night. The deadline is September 27, and you can send submissions to


Our new audio “mini-show” is up on our website! Back to School features short plays and stories about students and education:


  • Master the complexities of kindergarten projects in “For a Loop” by Donna Hoke.

  • Experience the world’s toughest penmanship lesson in “Sister Michael Mary” by Dave Ufford.

  • Take part in a timeless lunchroom ritual in “The Bully” by Jeff O’Leary.

  • Discover a vexing life lesson through a grade-school Christmas play in “The Good Ones” by J. Jackson.

  • Get revenge on the prom king and queen in “Punch Bowl” by David-Matthew Barnes.

  • Graduate from high school and into the great outdoors in “The Lowering Wilderness” by Jon Jory.


The show is split into three parts so you can listen at your leisure. It features One Night Stand actors Erin Bell, Linda Swanson Brown, Randy Diamon, Joi Hiatt, Jack McCarthy, Brooke Olson, Maria Ortiz, Kytriena Payseno, Jillian Price, Theodore Story, Dave Ufford and Guy Williams. Let our headmaster, Evelyn Uppington-Smythe, take you on a tour of One Night Stand Academy to encounter scary teachers, lunchroom hijinks and prom pranks! It’s free, but a mini-donation for our mini-show to help with the costs of this “stay at home” production is appreciated!