Our 2020 Season

February 16 | The Seven Deadly Sins

April 19 | Music! Music! Music! - POSTPONED

June 7 | One Night Stand's Sex Appeal - POSTPONED

August 9 | Soiled Doves

October 4 | Ghosts of the Radio

December TBA | In the Works VI

Our February, April, June, August, and October shows happen at Vintage Theatre on Sundays at 7:00 p.m.
The December show takes place at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.



While we’ve had to postpone our June 7 “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal” evening at Vintage Theatre, we are working on a virtual “mini-show” for the month of June. We are putting together an online audio production using some of the material from the “Music! Music! Music!” show.  We are calling this “A Little One Night Stand Music” and it will feature work by Leroy Leonard, Carrie Vaughn, Dave Brandl and P.D. Cacek along with some surprises. We will let you know when it’s available through our website and Facebook page!


In another reality, we would be preparing our April One Night Stand Theater production for this Sunday. It is strange to not be finalizing cues, writing introductions, etc. It makes me think of what shows we’ve done in the April slot in the past. Here they are (quite a variety):


Dark Duet (our first show!); Shakespeare After Dark; American Folk; One Night Stand in Wonderland; Food, Glorious Food; Voices for Change; Apocalypse Tonight; Trains and Planes; One Night Stand in Heaven and Hell; and The One Night Stand Time Machine (our 10th anniversary show).


I’m looking forward to our next show, whenever that will be!


While we’re stuck at home with our upcoming One Night Stand Theater production on hold, I’d like to look to the future and ponder upcoming One Night Stand Theater themes. This year the themes have been (or hopefully will be) “The Seven Deadly Sins,” “Music! Music! Music!”, “Sex Appeal,” and “Ghosts of the Radio” along with two non-themed shows. Does anyone have a suggestion for a theme for our upcoming seasons? I have come up with four possible themes recently:


  • “Call Me Crazy” – plays and stories about insanity, quirks, and eccentricities

  • “Bedtime Stories” – reinterpretations of fairy tales and children’s stories (for adults)

  • “Shakespeare: The Sequels” – “what happens next” for Shakespeare’s characters

  • “Dreams and Nightmares” – self-explanatory


So, let us know if you have a great theme idea. (Keep in mind a theme should be fairly wide-ranging so that our playwrights and writers can work with it and the final slate of plays and stories can feature variety in terms of style, storyline, etc.) Also, don’t forget that we are accepting plays, stories and poems for “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal” through Monday, May 4: send them to onenightstandtheatre@gmail.com or check this website and Facebook posts for more information.


We have selected the plays and stories for our delayed production of “Music! Music! Music!” We will announce the pieces when we reschedule the show. In the meantime, we are going ahead with the NEXT call for plays, stories and poems: “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal.” This show will feature sexuality, LGBTQ, steamy relationships, and more. Any dramatic or comedic pieces that deal with human sexuality will be considered. While the scheduled performance is in early June, we may need to reschedule to later in the year. Meanwhile, the deadline for submitting pieces for the show is Monday, May 4; send them to onenightstandtheatre@gmail.com.


We are postponing the April 19 “Music! Music! Music!” performance to a later date due to the coronavirus situation. We will be selecting the final plays and stories for the Music show in the next few days but then will file it away for a performance date later this year (or maybe early next year). In the meantime, we’ll be gathering material for the June 7 show, “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal.” We hope to see you in June, and please everyone keep safe!

Contact us by email or call 303.725.4959

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