Our 2020 Season

February 16 | The Seven Deadly Sins

April 19 | Melodies and Music Makers

June 7 | One Night Stand's Sex Appeal

August 9 | Soiled Doves

October 4 | Ghosts of the Radio

December TBA | In the Works VI

Our February, April, June, August, and October shows happen at Vintage Theatre on Sundays at 7:00 p.m.
The December show takes place at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.



Thanks to everyone who made “The Seven Deadly Sins” such a great success!  Thank you to actors Bradley, Dave, Randy, Adrian, Joi, Steve, Kryssi, Jillian, Allyx, Gary and Suzanna; directors Linda and Suzanna; production staff Beth, Cody, and the ushers; and playwrights Linda, David-Matthew, Patrick, Jennie, Mike, D.J. and Donna! We appreciate the enthusiastic audience as we bid farewell to the sins of Sloth, Lust, Greed, Envy, Pride and Wrath…and thank the doughnut sprite for its last-minute gift of Gluttony!


Our next show is April 19 at Vintage Theater with “Melodies and Music Makers”: an evening of plays and stories about music and the people who make music. Playwrights and writers, the deadline for submitting short plays, stories and poems is March 9 (send to onenightstandtheatre@gmail.com).


We are finishing up rehearsals for “The Seven Deadly Sins” and are looking forward to presenting these eight sinful plays on Sunday night, February 16. Wrap up your Valentine’s Day weekend with some guilty pleasures: lust, sloth, wrath, pride, envy, gluttony and greed! Here are play quotes from a playwright with two plays in our show:


“What if my husband is an immortal goldfish?” – This Year’s Model by Donna Hoke


“I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s going all Picasso to try to bail himself out.” – Sold! by Donna Hoke


We are in the midst of rehearsing our “Seven Deadly Sins” show and are looking forward to sharing with you these tales of greed, envy, lust, sloth, wrath, gluttony and pride! We invite you to join us on February 16 for our showcase of sin. To tempt you, here are three more beguiling quotes from the short plays we’ll be presenting:


“Lust used to be all about s-e-x, but every time I turn around these days I hear somebody lusting after a hot fudge sundae or a piece of jewelry.” – Performance Review by Linda Berry


“I knew you existed. But I thought you were blonde. One of his students maybe. A woman.” Just Before the Drop by David-Matthew Barnes


“Dear God, thanks for not letting me get killed on my wedding night.” – Heaven Sent by Patrick Dorn


And to all writers: We’re accepting play and story submissions for our April show: “Melodies and Music Makers.” Send your plays, stories or poems about music, musicians, songs and lyrics to onenightstandtheatre@gmail.com by Monday, March 9 to be considered for our One Night Stand “jukebox”!


We are thrilled to introduce our 7 Deadly Sinners (actually 11 actors and 3 directors): One Night Stand veterans Bradley Abeyta, Dave Brandl, Randy Diamon, Adrian Hart, Joi Hiatt, Stephen R. Kramer, Jillian Price, Allyx Townend, and Suzanna Wellens, and ONS first-timers Kristen Martin and Gary Webster. Our directors are Suzanna Wellens (acting AND directing!), Linda Swanson Brown (first time directing for ONS!) and myself (uh…!!).


Here are quotes from three of the plays we’ll be presenting on February 16. These three plays deal with the sins of Lust, Wrath, and Pride. Which is which? Join us on Feb. 16 to find out!


“We wouldn’t want an undignified cat-fight the first time you two meet….Would we?” - Goodbye, Jerry Springer by D.J. Jones


“You know how White-Out smells? Like the return of possibility. The eradication of error. The act of correction.” - The Wrath of Connie by Jennie MacDonald


“Honey, you dance like a constipated rooster.” - Not Like Dad by Mike Coste


Congratulations to the playwrights whose work was selected for our Feb. 16 production! “The Seven Deadly Sins” features comedic and dramatic takes on the sins of pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath, and sloth. We have two plays about wrath, one play about all seven sins, and sadly no play about gluttony, but we’ll think of some way to celebrate overindulgence or “too much of a good thing” during the show.


Here are the plays…it’s sure to be a great evening!


  • A demon meets his match after killing seven husbands with seven deadly sins in “Heaven Sent” by Patrick Dorn.

  • A shrewd art expert uses greed to ruin a novice’s first auction in “Sold!” by Donna Hoke.

  • A man’s suicide drives his wife to a terrible, wrathful act in “Just Before the Drop” by David-Matthew Barnes.

  • A man’s pride inspires him to turn his love life into reality television in “Goodbye, Jerry Springer” by D.J. Jones.

  • Sloth must change his lazy ways when the Devil starts downsizing in “Performance Review” by Linda Berry.

  • A mother reveals a lustful secret from her past on her son’s 30th birthday in “Not Like Dad” by Mike Coste.

  • An aspiring writer’s meeting with a famous novelist unleashes “The Wrath of Connie” by Jennie MacDonald.

  • A happy marriage is no match for envy when one spouse desires “This Year’s Model” by Donna Hoke.

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