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Our 2020 Season

February 16 | The Seven Deadly Sins

April 19 | Music! Music! Music! - POSTPONED

June 7 | One Night Stand's Sex Appeal - POSTPONED

VIRTUAL SHOW - Online Now | A Little One Night Stand Music

VIRTUAL SHOW - Online Now | "One Night Stand's Summer Fling"

VIRTUAL SHOW - Online Now | "One Night Stand's Haunted Theater"

December 5–20 | In the Works VI



Our “In the Works 6” production is ready to premiere! This virtual version of our annual collaboration with Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) Theatre and Dance is available for viewing Saturday, December 5, starting at 7:00 p.m., and it’s available for viewing at any time for two weeks after that.


These are six short plays written by RRCC playwrighting students and featuring actors from One Night Stand Theater and Red Rocks

  • “Junglr” by Liam Leiren

  • “Love Is Best Served Cold” by Brooke Olson

  • “The Coffee Maker Campout” by Avellia Ciapusci

  • “What Is LOVE?” by Hanna Smiley

  • “Falling for You” by Molly McCallum

  • “Late Fees” by Ammon Underhill


You can watch each of these plays at RRCC’s YouTube channel:


Each December we produce “In the Works” with Red Rocks Community College, featuring short plays from the RRCC playwrighting class. We can’t perform live at Red Rocks this year, but we are doing “In the Works 6” virtually, online, starting December 5! The plays feature a bad camping trip, kidnapping and axe wielding, extraterrestrial love, high-pressure software fraud, romance in biology class, and an original way to avoid late fees.


We’ll present six new plays: “The Coffee Maker Campout” by Avellia Ciapusci, “Junglr” by Liam Leiren, “Falling for You” by Molly McCallum, “Love Is Best Served Cold” by Brooke Olson, “What Is LOVE?” by Hanna Smiley and “Late Fees” by Ammon Underhill. We’ve assembled One Night Stand Theater actors James Crapes, Matt Davis, Randy Diamon, Troy Lakey, Katie Mangett, Mauro Segura, Dave Ufford and Brad Wagner, along with Red Rocks actors Jack McCarthy, Brooke Olson, Aubrey Reitmair, and Theodore Story. The directors are Linda Swanson Brown, Randy Diamon, Beth Foster, Brenda Hoskins, Lorraine Scott and Suzanna Wellens, and the show will be hosted by Jim O’Leary.


“In the Works 6” will be available the evening of Saturday, December 5 starting at 7:00 p.m. You can watch one, two, or all of the plays that night or anytime the week following. We’ll provide the web link to Red Rocks’ YouTube channel on Saturday for that evening’s premiere. Check back this weekend!


Two more items about our “Haunted Theater” audio show for your “safer at home” Halloween:


1. We have a Bonus Story joining our “Haunted Theater” stories and plays: “A Few Good Ghouls” by Jeff O’Leary and Jeanine Harriman. It’s the story of the highs and lows of working a haunted house called “Gyro’s 3D House of Terror.” (And yes, Jeff IS a relation to the artistic director…he’s my brother!) Take this backstage tour and experience “blitzkrieg entertainment” on our website!


2. Congratulations to our newest 7Night Stander: Gina Wencel. Her stories have been part of seven One Night Stand Theater shows, including this show’s “Victorian Ghost.” Congratulations, Gina!


Our autumn “mini-show” is up on our website! “One Night Stand’s Haunted Theater” features theater ghosts and other supernatural arts events. There are stories of (or inspired by) ghosts in a Denver-area high school, the Victorian Theater, Loretto Heights College, and the Denver Museum of Nature and Science! There’s also a story about a theater in Hawaii, and plays and stories about backstage antics and the cursed “Scottish play”! The show is split into four parts so you can listen at your leisure. It features our One Night Stand writers and actors, old and new, and you can check it out above. It’s free to listen to, but a mini-donation for our mini-show to help with the mini-costs of this “stuck at home” endeavor is appreciated!


We have finalized the lineup for our next audio mini-show, “One Night Stand’s Haunted Theater”!  Thank you to everyone who sent us stories and plays for our October show. It’s about theater ghosts, and we’ll be featuring:

  • Missus Macbeth by Bill Thompson

  • Lost and Found by Dave Ufford

  • The Instructor’s Tale by Michael R. Duran

  • Eddie by Leroy Leonard

  • Victorian Ghost by Gina Wencel

  • Cotillion by Jennie MacDonald

  • Ghosts at the Vic by Beth Foster

  • Sam by Ghost Light by Anonymous

  • I Will Not Go to Opening Night, Unless It’s the Only Night by J. Jackson 



Our next online show, “One Night Stand’s Haunted Theater,” features ghosts haunting theaters and other supernatural arts events. We’re looking for short plays (or cuttings from plays), stories and poems that work well in an audio medium. The deadline is September 26 so we can release the show in mid-October. Send them to  Plays and stories can be new or old; there are no restrictions on whether they have been previously produced, and we offer a small honorarium for the plays and stories we use. And listen to our “One Night Stand’s Summer Fling” show above to hear what we’re doing!

Contact us by email or call 303.725.4959

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