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We are happy to announce the cast of One Night Stand Theater’s “Sleuths and Spies”! Our actors are Linda Swanson Brown, Adrian Hart, Joi Hiatt, Kurt Keilbach, Stephen Kramer, Emily Mathena, Mark Ogle, Maria Ortiz, Mauro Segura, Carol Timblin, Doug Tisdale, and Ammon Underhill. The directors are Brenda Hoskins, Matthew Davis, and Jim O’Leary. We look forward to working on our mysterious plays and poem about brilliant detectives, shady private eyes, and sinister secret agents.


Here are quotes from two of the pieces we’ll be presenting on October 15:


“Not being a patient man, I will throw a pinecone at you, which, I deduce, will bounce off your nose.” – Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Vacuity by Leroy Leonard


“He went where he pleased, he saw all the action. Try to cross him, you’ll wind up in traction.” – Sammy the Sleuth by Bill Thompson


Congratulations to the playwrights and writers whose work will be featured in our next production, “Sleuths and Spies”! Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays, stories, and poems about detectives, private eyes and secret agents. We proudly present the following six short plays and one poem for our October 15 show:


  • Leaving the spy business is harder than you think in “Spies!” by Dave Ufford.

  • Art meets artlessness in “Sherlock Holmes and the Mystery of the Vacuity” by Leroy Leonard.

  • A police interrogation takes a strange turn in “Modus Operandi” by David Lipschutz.

  • A shamus goes legit in “Sammy the Sleuth” by Bill Thompson.

  • A suave secret agent is no team player in “Bind…John Bind” by Sean Wellengard.

  • A world of intrigue is as close as the outer office in “Accidental Sleuth” by Dave Brandl.

  • A brilliant shrink unravels “The Curious Case of the Teen Detective” by Jeffrey O’Leary.

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