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Popular Demand eCard.jpg

Call for Plays, Stories and Poems: "By Popular Demand" - Deadline July 1

One Night Stand Theater is looking for short plays, short stories, and poems for our August 11, one-night-only evening of staged readings called “By Popular Demand.” We’re looking for pieces that fit ANY of the following 34 themes, solicited from our One Night Stand Theater audiences over the past few years:


Adopting/fostering dogs; Amusement parks; Babysitters from heaven; Babysitters from hell; Beatles songs; Buddy Holly; Colors (especially orange); Cookies; Cooking shows; Dancers, gymnasts, or cheerleaders; Denver International Airport (DIA); Fandom; Fruits; Grocery store meetings; Hot air balloons; How Hamlet COULD have ended; Live theatre vs. cinema; Mail order brides; Newly discovered books of the Bible; Pet owners; Powerful women; Robots; Rock paper scissors; Rubik's cube; Senior citizens in love; Skiing joys and mishaps; Snow sports and vacations; Snowmen; Soap operas; Talking cats explain their perspective on life; Thrill rides (motorcycles, sky diving, hang gliding, etc.); Utopias; Video games; and Weird keepsakes.


The DEADLINE for submissions is Monday, July 1; send them to If we feature your play, story, or poem in the show, we offer a small honorarium and two comp tickets for the performance (at Vintage Theatre in Aurora, Colorado). Plays can be new or old; there are no restrictions on whether the pieces have been previously produced.



Thanks to everyone who made the ancient past come alive in our “All Greek to Me” show! Laurel wreaths and sacred olive oil to our playwrights, writers and poets Mike, Toby, Ross, John, Michelle, Sean and Gina; actors Erin, Dave, Linda, James, Randy, Adrian, Emily, Leroy, Erik, Anna and Guy; and production staff Beth, Bernie, Jeremy, John, Doug and the ushers. Thanks also to Vintage Theatre for hosting us and our enthusiastic audience. We enjoyed time with many of the gods, goddesses and godx from Mount Olympus, poets Sappho and Anacreon, a Socratic AI, and a monster or three. We also met characters like Ezra the eagle and Brittany, the goddess of toxic relationships. Thank you all!


And welcome to our newest 7Night Stander, Mike Coste, whose “All Greek to Me” play, “SocratesGPT,” was his seventh play featured in a One Night Stand Theater production.


Our next One Night Stand Theater show is “By Popular Demand” on August 11: an evening of short plays and stories based on audience suggestions from the past several years. We’ll be reading and reviewing the submitted plays and stories (and maybe poems) in the weeks to come and will announce the plays and themes in July. Stay tuned!


We have finished rehearsals for “All Greek to Me” and it’s almost time for our audience to meet our Ancient Greek gods, goddesses, monsters, heroes and poets. Join us Sunday night, June 2 at Vintage Theatre for this unique evening of short plays, stories and poems. Here are two final quotes from the show:


“A golden age when man could still reach the gods  and the gods could still reach down, albeit not always helpfully.” – Exotic Heads Trimmed Neatly by John Reinhart


“It's a good thing he's got three heads and not three asses.” – Return of the Frogs by Ross Peter Nelson


We are halfway through our rehearsals for “All Greek to Me,” spending time with Zeus, Cupid, Hades, Medusa, Prometheus, Sappho, Socrates, Aristophanes and many others. We look forward to seeing you at our show on Sunday night, June 2 at Vintage Theatre! Here are quotes from three of the pieces we’ll be presenting:


“My family tree is more like a tumbleweed. We all find it best not to think about it and drink excessively.” – Worst of All Worlds by Sean Wellengard


“We are of one mind, we snakes, though we are many, one for every shaft of hair she had before the change.” –  Snakes by Gina Wencel


“Hmm. How to explain satire to a computer.” – SocratesGPT by Mike Coste


We are delighted to announce the cast of our June One Night Stand Theater show, “All Greek to Me”! Our actors are Erin Bell, Dave Brandl, Linda Swanson Brown, James Crapes, Randy Diamon, Adrian Hart, Leroy Leonard, Emily Koehler Mathena, Erik Thurston, Anna Wagner and Guy Williams. The directors are Kathryn Gourley, Lorraine Scott, Brad Wagner and Jim O’Leary. We look forward to rehearsing our plays, stories and poems of Ancient Greek mythology and culture.


Here are quotes from two of our “All Greek” plays we’ll perform on June 2:


“I can’t even remember the last time someone’s sacrificed a goat for me. Or even a stringy chicken.” – Couples Therapy, Greek Style by Toby Inoue


“Prometheus. For a guy whose name means ‘foresight’ you are absolutely clueless.” – Liver. It’s What’s for Lunch by Michelle Uyemura


Congratulations to the playwrights and writers whose work will appear in our next production, “All Greek to Me”! Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays, stories, and poems about the mythology and culture of Ancient Greece. We proudly present the following for our June 2 show:


  • The king and queen of the gods seek help in “Couples Therapy, Greek Style” by Toby Inoue.

  • Parents can be beastly in “Worst of All Worlds” by Sean Wellengard.

  • Only the living can end war in “Return of the Frogs” by Ross Peter Nelson.

  • Medusa’s tresses bear witness to her end in “Snakes” by Gina Wencel.

  • Ancient Greece’s greatest philosopher returns in “SocratesGPT” by Mike Coste.

  • Prometheus’ vicious eagle gets a mortifying surprise in “Liver. It’s What’s for Lunch” by Michelle Uyemura.

  • And short-short stories and poems with John Reinhart’s “Exotic Heads Trimmed Neatly,” Gina Wencel’s “Pomegranate Eyes,” and ancient love poetry from Sappho and Anacreon

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