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Call for Plays, Stories & Poems

We’re calling for comedic and dramatic works for our August 20 evening of staged readings: “Call Me Crazy”! We’re looking for short plays, short stories and poems about the craziest people, situations, and stories…eccentric characters, baffling situations, and unbelievable events…anything that makes you say, “That’s crazy!” We will also consider plays, stories and poems about mental disorders (but please be sensitive). The deadline is July 11 (send to If we select your work for the show, we offer a small honorarium and 2 comp tickets for the performance (at Vintage Theatre in Aurora, Colorado). You’d be insane not to submit your play, story or poem!



We are happy to announce the cast of One Night Stand Theater’s “Holidaze”! The actors for our one-night festival of holiday plays are Bryan Anderson, Dave Brandl, Mary Campbell, Emily Gomes, Steven Hartman, Joi Hiatt, Kurt Keilbach, Leroy Leonard, Mark Ogle, Maria Ortiz, Lauren Russell and Bethany Lillis Tisdale. Joi Hiatt, Lorraine Scott, Suzanna Wellens and Jim O’Leary are the directors. We look forward to celebrating Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine’s Day and more, all in one evening!


Here are quotes from two of the plays we’ll be presenting on June 25:


“When a Santa gets too frisky with a reindeer, that’s where I draw the line.” – Ms. Claus by Patrick Gabridge


“I don’t know why we have to change colors and drop our leaves every Fall!” – Arbor Day of Reckoning by Dave Ufford


Congratulations to the playwrights whose work will be featured in our next production, “Holidaze”!  Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays, stories, and poems about holidays big, small, and imaginary. We proudly present the following seven short plays for our June 25 show:


  • Compete for the job of the new Santa in “Ms. Claus” by Patrick Gabridge.

  • Resist the temptation of stolen Halloween candy in “Our Little Angel” by Steven Korbar.

  • Navigate a sea of Valentine’s Day cards in “To Love Alone” by Andrew Martineau.

  • Spend quality time away from the family in “The Thanksgiving Outlaws” by Scott Gibson.

  • Share laughter, tears, and fireworks in “Independence Day” by Rhea MacCallum.

  • Listen to the trees in “Arbor Day of Reckoning!” by Dave Ufford.

  • Celebrate the Ides of March in “Happy Betrayals to You” by Sean Wellengard.

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