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As we cherish our memories of our Sunday “Date Night” show, we want to thank those who made it such a great evening: playwrights and writers Linda, Mike, Lija, Toby, David, Dana, Colette and Steve; actors Bryan, Darlene, Kelly, Scott, Joi, Hilarie, Mark, Bethany, Dave and Guy; directors Kathryn, Darlene and Lorraine; and production staff Beth, Kathryn, Jeremy, John, Doug and the ushers. Thank you for a great date!


Thanks also to Vintage Theatre for hosting us and our great audience (along with the Broadway Book Mall for our final rehearsal).


Our next One Night Stand Theater show is “Sleuths and Spies” on April 7: an evening of short plays and one poem about brilliant detectives, shady private eyes, and sinister secret agents. Also, we will soon be posting the request for plays, stories and poems for our June show, “All Greek to Me.”



We have finished rehearsals for “One Night Stand’s Date Night” and are ready to share our dating stories with you this Sunday night, February 18, at Vintage Theatre. It’s five plays and two short stories performed by our wonderful cast: Most with happy, delightful endings, but a couple that end in sadness and tragedy. Here are two questions from the plays we’ll be featuring:


“What would my life be like without the joy I get from looking at unsullied food advertisements?” – Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for the Whole Family by Colette Mazunik


“And because it’s a Peugeot, I should like him?” – Sushi and Columbo by Mike Coste


We have finished our first week of rehearsals for “Date Night” and are looking forward to sharing our romantic stories with you! Make a date to join us on Sunday night, February 18 at Vintage Theatre. Here are three quotes from the plays we’ll be presenting:


“Jared appeared one Tuesday in the office like Odysseus returning from his odyssey.” – The Meet Cute by Lija Fisher


“I can’t believe we’re arguing about how good looking I am.” – Fresh Starts by Toby Inoue


“I might just chop you up and put you in a sushi roll.” – A Date with Dagon by David Lipschutz and Dana Hall


We are happy to announce the cast of “One Night Stand’s Date Night”! Get ready for a date with Bryan Anderson, Randy Diamon, Darlene Grandy, Kelly Hasbrouck, Scott Hasbrouck, Joi Hiatt, Hilarie Nelson, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, Dave Ufford and Guy Williams, directed and chaperoned by Kathryn Gourley, Darlene Grandy, Jim O’Leary and Lorraine Scott. Join us for some post-Valentine’s Day romance on Sunday, February 18 for our celebration of good dates, bad dates, blind dates, love at first sight, and broken hearts.


Here are quotes from two of the pieces we’re featuring for our “Date Night”:


“Trouble with you, Jake, you were always in love with the moon – something you could never have.” – Tweak Breed by Steve Palmer


“I don't know what my type is. Haven't thought about it in years. Years and years.” – Vocabulary by Linda Berry


It’s a date! Congratulations to the playwrights and writers whose work will appear in our next production, “One Night Stand’s Date Night”! Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays, stories, and poems about romance and dating. We proudly present the following five short plays and two short stories for our February 18 show:


  • A blind date at the zoo gets off to a rough start in “Fresh Starts” by Toby Inoue.

  • A night at a fancy restaurant is not all it’s cracked up to be in “Sushi and Columbo” by Mike Coste.

  • A frustrated online dater tries the personal approach in “The Meet Cute” by Lija Fisher.

  • A broken-down cowboy runs across an old admirer in “Tweak Breed” by Steve Palmer

  • Conundrums and cahoots save a blind date in “Vocabulary” by Linda Berry.

  • An illicit tryst begins in a bookstore’s cooking section in “Easy Slow Cooker Recipes for the Whole Family” by Colette Mazunik

  • Even an immortal fish-god needs a little romance in “A Date with Dagon” by David Lipschutz and Dana Hall.

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