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Call for Plays, Stories, and Poems

The upcoming October 2 One Night Stand Theater evening of staged readings will be our first “old-time radio” show in five years. For this show (called “Ghosts of the Radio”) we will be using old radio scripts and/or material you have that might fit the show: scripts in the style of old-time radio (1930s and 1940s) about mystery or the supernatural. (We will also look at scripts that are more modern.)

If you have radio scripts or related writing that would be a great part of an evening of mystery and horror, send them to by August 22. The plays can be up to 30 minutes long. If we use your writing, we offer a small honorarium and 2 comp tickets for the performance (at the Vintage Theater in Aurora on Sunday, Oct. 2). Plays can be new or old; there are no restrictions on whether pieces have been previously produced.



Thank you to our talented cast and crew who made “Parents Night” happen on Sunday night! Thank you to actors Guy, MaryAnn, Ammon, Ayden, Bethany, Matthew, Carol, Jason, Emily and Troy; directors Lorraine, Brenda and Tami; production staff Beth, Cody, and the ushers; and playwrights and writers Josh, Donna, Terri, Donald, Craig and the two Patricks! You all made your parents proud!


We’re also happy to announce our newest 7Night-Stander: Carol Timblin! “Parents Night” marks her seventh appearance with One Night Stand Theater.


Our next show is October 2 at Vintage Theater: “Ghosts of the Radio.” This is an evening of mystery and supernatural plays and stories told in the style of the Golden Age of Radio. This will be our fifth Old-Time Radio show and you won’t want to miss it! We’ll announce the play lineup later in August.


We have finished rehearsals for our August 7 show and it’s almost time to meet the parents! Join us on Sunday night for “Parents Night” to see these fascinating comedies and dramas about mothers and fathers (and their children). Here are two final quotes from the show:


“I don’t think kickball is a reason to send our child away to a special school.” – But That’s Not What We Ordered by Craig Kenworthy

“Don’t let it get to you. It’s natural. The Terrible Twos.” – Terrible Twos by Donald Dewey


We are in the middle of rehearsals for our upcoming “Parents Night.” Ten talented actors are portraying four mothers, three fathers, five sons and daughters, one flirtatious waiter and a reproduction specialist from the year 2040…all part of our evening of short plays and stories on Sunday night, August 7 at Vintage Theatre. Here are quotes from three of the pieces we’ll be staging:


“The OCD apple does not fall far from your mother's branches of the tree.” A Man of Books by Josh Hartwell

“Kids like being the center of attention. Grownups do not.” Best Interests by Donna Hoke

“It’s amazing how much faster he can walk when he’s got candy on his mind.”
Sugar Daddy by Terri Reinhart


We’re happy to announce the actors and directors for One Night Stand Theater’s “Parents Night.” Our actors for this evening of mom-and-dad plays and stories are MaryAnn Amari, Matthew Davis, Jason Jestice, Troy Lakey, Carol Timblin, Bethany Lillis Tisdale, Ammon Underhill and Guy Williams along with NEW One Night Stand actors Ayden Armstrong and Emily Koehler Mathena! Our directors are Tami Canaday, Brenda Hoskins, Jim O’Leary and Lorraine Scott. We’re looking forward to staging our plays and stories about five devoted fathers, five caring mothers and their confused and confounded children.


Here are quotes from two of the plays we’ll be presenting on August 7:


“It was a home he’d created in someone else’s image. A place for the man he wished he could be.” My Father’s House by Patrick Dorn


“Why am I the designated cleaner of all messes? Clean it up. Clean it up and take a time out and you're grounded for the rest of the month and I'm throwing away all your toys and you're never going to taste syrup or sugar again for the rest of your natural life.” Insomnia by Patrick Gabridge


Congratulations to the playwrights and writers whose work was selected for our next production, “Parents Night”! Thank you to everyone who sent in plays and stories about mothers and fathers. Our plays and stories for the August 7th show are:

“A Man of Books” by Josh Hartwell: A son builds an odd art project to remember his father.
“Sugar Daddy” by Terri Reinhart: Elderly parents’ strange shopping habits frustrate their daughter.
“My Father’s House” by Patrick Dorn: A son revisits his childhood home.

“Insomnia” by Patrick Gabridge: A young mother craves a little sleep.
“Terrible Twos” by Donald Dewey: A married couple copes with their young toddler.
“Best Interests” by Donna Hoke: A mother competes with her son at her birthday dinner.
“But That’s Not What We Ordered” by Craig Kenworthy: DNA in the future gives expectant parents an unsettling surprise.