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Thank you to everyone who made our “Shakespeare Sequels” show a great success! Thank you to actors Dave, Linda, Matt, Randy, Scott, Joi, Emily, Lauren, Lorraine, Gary, Suzanna and Guy, and directors Suzanna, Linda, Lorraine and Joi. Thanks to production staff Beth, Cody, and the ushers, and especially to playwrights and writers Linda, Mike, Steve, Judith, Petra, Dan and Melissa!


Thanks also to Vintage Theatre for hosting us and Beth for the cookies. For those who asked, we’ll consider another Shakespeare Sequels evening in the future (“Shakespeare III”?).


Our next show will be “Holidaze” on June 25 at Vintage Theater. This will be an evening of short plays, stories and poems celebrating any and all holidays: Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Groundhog Day and more, including maybe some new holidays! It will be an unusual and celebratory evening. If you’re a writer with a play, short story, or poem about a holiday to submit, the deadline is May 15: send to


We have finished rehearsals for our “Shakespeare Sequels” show and we look forward to seeing you at the performance this Sunday night, March 26, at Vintage Theatre! Here are quotes from two of the short plays about William Shakespeare that we’ll be featuring:


“William, English can be a beautiful language, if you use it correctly.” – Billy Shakes by Mike Coste


“The man is a fraud! His portraits look nothing like him!” – A Question of Authorship by Dan Weatherer


We have finished our first week of rehearsals for “The Shakespeare Sequels” and are looking forward to presenting our 6 plays and 4 sonnets featuring William Shakespeare, his famous plays and his captivating characters. The play’s the thing on Sunday night, March 26 at Vintage Theatre, and here are quotes from three of the “sequels” we’ll be staging that night:


“Ophie, stop it. Playing a woman like some hysterical trope is not going to help you.” – Shakespeare Over Sangria by Petra Ulrych


“All of this ado over my honor. Ha! You wouldn’t know honor if it bit you in the ass.” – The Gods of Love by Judith Sears


“Our love will last forever like Jell-O.” –  Love Sonnets Written by Today’s Generations by Melissa Wheeler


We’re thrilled to announce the cast of the One Night Stand Theater production of “The Shakespeare Sequels”! Our actors for this evening of Bard of Avon reboots are Guy Williams, Suzanna Wellens, Gary Webster, Lorraine Scott, Lauren Russell, Emily Koehler Mathena, Joi Hiatt, Scott Hasbrouck, Randy Diamon, Matthew Davis, Linda Swanson Brown and Dave Brandl. Lorraine, Suzanna, Linda and Joi are also directing along with Jim O’Leary. We’re looking forward to bringing many of Shakespeare’s characters to life in fresh and sometimes strange ways!


Here are quotes from two of the plays we’ll be presenting on March 26:


“That lazy upstart crow Will Shakescene re-cycles his own jokes.” – Bottom and Dogberry conversing in "Foolishness" by Linda Berry


“Much as I would love to cavort in the nude with Your Majesty, I think we should postpone that in the interest of more pressing matters.” – King Lear’s Fool in "Somewhere Before Act 5" by Steve Palmer


Congratulations to the playwrights whose work will be featured in our next production, The Shakespeare Sequels!  Thank you to everyone who sent in their plays, stories, and poems about William Shakespeare, his plays, and his characters. We proudly present the following seven plays for our March 26th show:


  • King Lear’s court jester speaks his mind in “Somewhere Before Act 5” by Steve Palmer.

  • Ophelia escapes death and the rest of Hamlet in “Shakespeare Over Sangria” by Petra Ulrych.

  • A desperate movie producer turns to a promising new screenwriter in “Billy Shakes” by Mike Coste.

  • A Shakespearean fool ponders retirement in “Foolishness” by Linda Berry.

  • A comedic heroine goes off script in “The Gods of Love” by Judith Sears.

  • Five heavenly writers assemble to answer “A Question of Authorship” by Dan Weatherer.

  • Shakespeare’s poetry goes modern in “Love Sonnets Written by Today’s Generations” by Melissa Wheeler.

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