Call for Plays, Stories and Poems

After our upcoming “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal” show on June 26, we’ll follow up with “Parents Night”! This August 7 show will showcase parents: mothers, fathers, grandparents, stepparents, young or old, good or bad, in plays and stories that are funny, dramatic, scary, or touching (or all of those at once). We’re accepting short plays, stories and poems for the show through June 27 (send to If we select your work for the show, we offer a small honorarium and 2 comp tickets for the performance (at Vintage Theatre in Aurora, Colorado).



Thanks to everyone who was part of our sexy Sunday night of “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal”! Thank you to actors James, Randy, Emily, Grady, Corinne, Maria, Erik and Dave; directors Suzanna, Brenda and Joi; production staff Beth, Cody, and the ushers; and playwrights and writers Patrick, Colette, Edith, Josh Jeff O. and Jeff N.!

We’re also happy to announce our newest 7Night-Stander: James Crapes! “Sex Appeal” marked his seventh appearance with One Night Stand Theater.

Our next show is August 7 at Vintage Theater: “Parents Night.” This is not a chance for your parents to see what you’re doing in school, but rather an evening of plays and stories about mothers, fathers and other parental units. We’ll be announcing the slate of plays and stories soon!


We have finished rehearsals for our June 26 show and our actors are ready to show off their sex appeal! Join us on Sunday night for “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal” and some sex, lust and romance. Here are two final quotes from the show:


“Look, it’s not like I’ve got a drawer full of toys to choose from and I was just … trying to

think creatively.” – Not in My Backyard by Jeff Neuman


“At night, I frolicked with Ginger and Ducky at Uncle Carl's beach house, but during the day I would wander the halls of my high school in a daze.” – Sabrina, the Beach Girls and Me by Jeff O’Leary


We are in the midst of rehearsals for “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal.” We’re looking forward to sharing with everyone these six short plays and stories about the birds, the bees and other creatures (including humans) on June 26 at Vintage Theatre. Here are quotes from two of the plays we’ll be presenting in our licentious evening:


“Hey, I’ve had great sex, okay?… Hot, earth-moving - you don’t get it. You can’t know. You’re a cricket.” – Mating by Edith Weiss


“It’s what you do, isn’t it? You make a person feel good. Or feel like he’s feeling good.” – A Different Client by Josh Hartwell


And to all writers: The deadline is fast approaching to submit your comedic or dramatic works for our August show, “Parents Night.” Send your short plays, stories or poems about mothers, fathers and other parental types to by June 27.


We’re very pleased to announce the actors and directors for “One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal.” Our actors for this evening of lust and romance are Randy Diamon, Emily Gomes, James Crapes, Erik Thurston, Dave Ufford and Maria Ortiz along with NEW One Night Stand actors Grady Hicks and Corinne Landy! Our directors are Suzanna Wellens, Joi Hiatt, Brenda Hoskins and Jim O’Leary. We’re looking forward to staging our six sexy stories on the One Night Stand stage!


Here are quotes from two of the plays we’ll be presenting on June 26:


“I am in an exclusive relationship, okay? Exclusive. That means I do not make out with other naked men.” – The Matthew Portraits by Colette Mazunik


“Porn is not an instruction manual, Jeremy. For salamanders, it works a little differently.” – Hot Love in the Moonlight by Patrick Gabridge


Congratulations to the playwrights and writers whose work was selected for our next production, One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal! A big thank-you to all those who sent in plays and stories about sex, lust and romance. Our finalists for the June 26th show are:

“Hot Love in the Moonlight” by Patrick Gabridge: A spotted salamander tries out his moves at the local pool.
“The Matthew Portraits” by Colette Mazunik: A nude modeling job gets personal.
“A Different Client” by Josh Hartwell: A young hustler is hired for an unusual task.
“Sabrina, the Beach Girls and Me” by Jeff O’Leary: Teen intimacy goes into overdrive in geometry class.
“Not in My Backyard” by Jeff Neuman: A couple’s attempt to spice it up gets complicated.
“Mating” by Edith Weiss: A one night stand’s not over till the cricket chirps.