Thank you to our talented cast and crew who made “Ghosts of the Radio” happen on Sunday night!  Thank you to actors MaryAnn, Dave, Linda, Randy, Joi, Kurt, Emily, Mark, Mauro, Doug and Guy; writers Jeffrey, Arch, Robert A., David, Robert B. and Richard; and production staff Beth, Cody, box office and the ushers!


We have a while before our next show, which is February 5, 2023 at Vintage Theatre. Before that, we will be selecting the show themes for next year, so stay tuned for the announcement of our 2023 season!


We finished our “Ghosts of the Radio” rehearsals Thursday night and are preparing for the show this Sunday night, October 2, at Vintage Theater. We’ve had a lot of fun rehearsing these stories from the Golden Age of Radio (11 actors playing 34 roles plus performing sound effects) and you’ll really enjoy these five radio plays. Join us for Queen of the Cats (not even death can stop her!), Ghost Party (be careful with your seances), Leonard McGillicutty, Polar Explorer (a deadly encounter with Papa Nature), The Boogey Man Will Get You (never jump to conclusions) and Pat Novak…For Hire (gambling and gangsters don’t mix).


Here is our final quote from the show:


“She pulled away and gave me a look you could take on a safari. Was enough to tell me she was about as safe as a tap dancer on a floor full of dynamite caps.” – Pat Novak…For Hire: Come Back, Rory Malone (1949)


We are in the middle of rehearsing our “Ghosts of the Radio” show and it has been great fun watching the actors perform these old-time radio plays (from 1937, 1945, and 1949, and one new radio play in the golden-age style). Join us at our October 2 show to meet reluctant detective Pat Novak, would-be psychic Mrs. Hinkle, the mysterious and dangerous Rhana Farouk, a clowder of fussy cats, one mean polar bear and more! Here are quotes from two of the radio plays featured:


“Calling you a vampire! Where does she get such ideas? Reads too many books, I'd say.” – Stay Tuned for Terror: The Boogey Man Will Get You (1945)


“Dear, sweet Granny and that weird, freaky prognosticating big toe of hers! What will it predict next?” – Leonard McGillicutty, Polar Explorer by Jeffrey O'Leary (2022)


We have gathered our cast for the October 2 “Ghost of the Radio” live show at Vintage Theatre. Guy Williams, MaryAnn Amari, Doug Tisdale, Dave Brandl, Mauro Segura, Linda Swanson Brown, Mark Ogle, Randy Diamon, Emily Koehler Mathena, Kurt Keilbach and Joi Hiatt will perform old-time radio plays full of mystery, terror and adventure! Here are quotes from two of these plays from the golden age of radio:


“She stood there glaring at me. She looked like a cat – a great, angry cat. Her green eyes were cold and murderous.” – The Sealed Book: Queen of the Cats (1945)


“Please! This is a serious affair! Mrs. Hinkle is trying to awaken the spirits of the departed!” – Lights Out: Ghost Party (1937)


Here’s our lineup for the upcoming Ghosts of the Radio show on October 2, featuring radio mystery and horror plays from and inspired by the Golden Age of Radio (1930s and 1940s). We hope you’ll join us for an evening of chills and thrills, homemade sound effects and bogus commercial sponsors:


  • Fall under the exotic yet deadly spell of the “Queen of the Cats”!

  • Watch helplessly as an amateur psychic unleashes terror in “Ghost Party”!

  • Wrestle the deadly side of nature with “Leonard McGillicutty, Polar Explorer”!

  • Heedlessly ignore the warnings of your family and small-town neighbors in “The Boogey Man Will Get You”!

  • Tread the dark streets and narrow alleys of San Francisco with reluctant sleuth “Pat Novak…For Hire”!