We have no guilt and there’s a lot of pleasure in this call for submissions for our February 5 show, “Guilty Pleasures”! We’re looking for short plays, stories and poems, comedic or dramatic, about the things you know you shouldn’t do but can’t help yourself. We’re looking for plays and stories about small, innocent personal indulgences or staggering, shameful but delicious sins; a work of art, literature or cinema that is considered a guilty pleasure; or even the play, poem or story itself can be a writer’s guilty pleasure. The deadline is December 27 (send to If we select your work for the show, we offer a small honorarium and 2 comp tickets for the performance (at Vintage Theatre in Aurora, Colorado). So, don’t be shy or embarrassed…it’s time to celebrate guilty pleasures!


We’re happy to announce our 2023 season!

Join One Night Stand Theater for our upcoming staged readings of short plays and stories:


February 5: “Guilty Pleasures”

We shamelessly indulge in an evening of secret treats and reckless vices.


March 26: “The Shakespeare Sequels”

An evening of reboots and reimaginings of the Bard, his plays, and his most famous characters.


June 25: “Holidaze”

Happy holidays, literally! We celebrate a year’s worth of holidays in one evening.


August 13: “Call Me Crazy”

An evening guaranteed to drive you mad with insane ideas and loony crackpots.


October 8: “Sleuths and Spies”

An evening of intrigue and mystery with brilliant detectives, shady private eyes, and sinister secret agents.


We will also present our “In the Works” show in May, featuring Red Rocks Community College playwrights.

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