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Our "7Night Standers" are the wonderful actors, directors and playwrights who have participated in at least seven One Night Stand performances.


MaryAnn Amari

It's always a pleasure for our One Night Stand Theater audiences when MaryAnn Amari joins us onstage. She’s played such standout roles for us as the Red Queen in One Night Stand in Wonderland, Cinderella in “Knight” (in The Curtain Rises), the Fortune Teller in “Fry Day” (The Dark Woods), and the eponymous TV chef of “Cooking with Mary Lou Cling” (Food, Glorious Food!). MaryAnn studied theater at Loretto Heights College and has appeared with Colorado Homegrown Tales and other Denver theater companies, as well as choral groups. Thank you, MaryAnn, for being a part of One Night Stand!

Barnes DM.jpg

David-Matthew Barnes

We’ve been privileged to feature the short plays of David-Matthew Barnes at One Night Stand Theater over the last few years, including such gems as “The Snack Queens,” “A Rum Cake for Rita,” “Taking Off,” “Trixie’s Last Date with the Boogeyman,” “The Clutch,” and “Deena and the Dino Mights.” David-Matthew is the author of several novels, collections of stage plays and poetry, and screenplays, receiving awards from competitions in Amsterdam, Paris, London, Boston, and Los Angeles. He has written more than 50 stage plays that have been performed in three languages in 10 countries, and locally has served as the Program Director of the Theatre Arts and Dance Department at Red Rocks Community College. Thank you, David-Matthew, for sharing your wonderful plays with us!

Antea Bevin.jpg

Bevin Antea 

Bevin Antea has graced our One Night Stand stage ever since our second show, when she performed a scene from "A Winter’s Tale" for our first Shakespeare evening. Since then, she has played roles for ONS ranging from innocent to sinister, from one of the three Alices in One Night Stand in Wonderland to the “beet soup killer” in Food, Glorious Food! Shows she’s done outside ONS include A Doll’s House, The Crucible, and The Graduate. She is also a board member of the Ripple Effect Theatre Company in Denver. It’s always a delight (and often a surprise) to see what role she’ll be playing next!

Bell Erin.jpg

Erin Bell

Erin Bell first appeared in our production of Ghosts and has since shared her acting and narrating skills in shows like Muse of Fire, Intoxicated!, A One Night Stand Halloween and War of Words. She performed with a number of theater companies in Boston before arriving in Denver, where she has worked with Miners Alley Playhouse, Empire Lyric Players, Flatirons Opera Company, Ignite Theater, TheatreWorks and Opera Theater of the Rockies. She is a professional vocalist, performing with Opera On Tap, her band, StopTime, and her women’s a capella group, The Wicked Pitches. She also writes fiction and poetry and does crochet and knitting (two skills she hasn’t used yet for ONS, but maybe in the future?). Thank you, Erin, for sharing your many talents with us!

Berry Linda.jpg

Linda Berry

Linda Berry’s work first appeared on our stage in One Night Stand in the Wild West with the poem “Boot Hill to Goodnight, Texas.” Since then she has given our actors the chance to portray God, Adam and Eve in “High Noon in the Garden of Good and Evil" (Bible Stories!), modern-day witches in “Product Development” (Life in the Theater), and bartenders and drunk TV chefs in “Bar Code” and “My Mother’s Rum Cake Recipe” (Intoxicated!). Audiences have also enjoyed her poems in Apocalypse TonightRoses and Thorns, and Around the World with One Night Stand. Linda has published short fiction for children and adults, a newspaper entertainment column, craft articles, and six mystery novels, and she is a member of Colorado Dramatists and the Denver Woman’s Press Club. It’s always fun to feature Linda’s work in our shows. Thank you, Linda, for your contributions to One Night Stand!

Brandl Dave.jpg

Dave Brandl

Actor, playwright, musician, director…Dave Brandl can do it all. He has appeared in several ONS productions, including as a Moon Man, a brain-eating Meteor Man, a kindly zombie father, and as J. Edgar Hoover in drag. Dave has provided music for our American and world folk evenings (both guitar and banjo), and he provided sound effects for our radio productions. Several of his plays have been featured in ONS including a couple he co-wrote with his daughter, Melissa Wheeler. The most recent was "How to Write a Hollywood Smash Hit" in One Night Stand in Hollywood." Dave also directed a couple of ONS plays way back when. Thanks, Dave, for all that you do!

Bridwell Samara.jpg

Samara Bridwell

Since her first One Night Stand as a praying mantis in “InSex” for Hearts on Fire, Samara Bridwell has graced our stage with colorful interpretations of all sorts of characters, both human and otherwise. Samara has been featured in One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden (as Eve, a snake, a goddess, and Adam’s first wife, Lilith), ‘Twas the One Night Stand Before Christmas, One Night Stand in Hollywood, Shakespeare’s Curse, and more. She has been performing throughout the Denver area since 2011 with The Edge, Vintage, Germinal, Spark, Goodness Gracious Productions, Theatre Out, and Miner's Alley Playhouse. Samara counts a BA in theatre from Colorado Mesa University, where she helped bring V-Day to the campus three years running, producing, directing, and performing in productions of Eve Ensler's The Vagina Monologues, and a very brief appearance on Icelandic television among her many accomplishments. Thank you, Samara, for all your contributions to One Night Stand!

Brown Linda Swanson.jpg

Linda Swanson Brown

Ever since she first appeared in Hearts on FireLinda Swanson Brown has been a favorite of One Night Stand Theater. She has appeared in several of our productions, including Ghosts, One Night Stand in the Wild West, and Roses and Thorns (where she played a murdered spouse with a lot to say). In the midst of these appearances Linda traveled to England to earn her master’s degree from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. Other productions in the Denver area include 4 X-Mas, Enchanted April, Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown, 42nd Street, and Little Shop of Horrors. Thank you, Linda, for lending your talents to One Night Stand!

Canaday Tami.jpg

Tami Canaday

Award-winning playwright Tami Canaday is a friend of One Night Stand Theatre from way back. A founding member of Chameleon Stage, Tami’s work appeared in our first playwright’s evening (One Night Stand with Tami Canaday). Her work has been produced across the United States, in Japan, and in Canada, and recently Tami has lent her talents to ONS as a director in Sci-Fi Theater II: Aliens Among Us! and One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard. She has also selected finalists for the Colorado Book Awards and served as a judge for the Oregon Arts Theater Commission Fellowships. Our favorite Tami plays include “Jail Time Sober,” “Liver for Dinner,” “Skidding on Butterflies,” and “Santa Tells a Story.” Thank you, Tami, for all your inspiration and creativity!

Crapes James.jpg

James L. Crapes

James L. Crapes first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in our 2016 production of Victorian Secrets, portraying Algernon from "The Importance of Being Earnest" and Jonathan Harker in a variation on "Dracula." Since then, he has played an astounding variety of roles – an alien, a burglar, a sword-and-sorcery hero, a hustler, a disembodied voice and even a salamander – in several installments of our In the Works productions, Trains and Planes, and One Night Stand’s Sex Appeal. Outside of ONS, James has worked with many theater companies in the Denver metro area in such musicals as Assassins, A Chorus Line, Ragtime, Beauty and the Beast, Into the Woods, My Fair Lady, Kiss Me, Kate, Bat Boy, Reefer Madness, and Cannibal! The Musical. Thank you, James, for your medley of characters and sharing your talent with One Night Stand!

Davis Matthew.jpg

Matthew Davis

We first met Matthew Davis when he appeared with One Night Stand Theater as Jason, the angry young man in the play of the same name in One Night Stand Goes to War. In addition to playing another angry young man in “Orestes Learns” in In the Works, Matt has portrayed a 30-year-old Santa believer in “Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” (‘Twas the One Night Stand Before Christmas), the victim of a killer tree woman in “Birkana” (Weird Love, Dark Kisses), and Moses and the Apostle Paul in Bible Stories! No matter how diverse the roles, he always gives a great performance. Matt is the artistic director for Arts in the Open, a family-friendly outdoor hiking theater company in Boulder, and has performed and directed across the United States, most recently in The Stone Coat Woman as the Stone Husband and in Dog Sees God as C.B. Thank you, Matt, for being such an important part of our One Night Stand ensemble! 

Diamon Randy.jpg

Randy Diamon 

Randy Diamon is a man of many talents (including karaoke). While a great actor in our staged readings of plays, he is also expert as a solo act, performing dramatic readings of many of our short stories. He’s been a werewolf, a cannibal, Edgar Allan Poe, and Frosty the Snowman. (He shows up in a lot of Wayne Faust stories!) “The Invisible Husband” and “Paradise Lost” are two of our favorite Randy performances. Outside ONS, he’s acted in many productions, including The Odd Couple, Blithe Spirit, and Laura. Thanks, Randy, for all your talent and for just being you!

Domnik Dell.jpg

Dell Domnick

The talented Dell Domnick has been a Denver actor for many years. His most recent One Night Stand appearances have been in The Dark Woods‘Twas the One Night Stand Before Christmas, and Food, Glorious Food! His favorite roles include Baylor in A Lie of the Mind at the Bug Theatre, Sir Lawrence Wargrave in Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None with Spotlight Theatre, and Robert in Proof with Colorado Stage. He has performed in readings with Hunger Artists Ensemble of An Evening With Edgar Allan Poe and James Joyce’s The Dead as well as in Colorado Poet Laureate Joseph Hutchinson’s A Marked Man. Dell is a member of the Visionbox Ensemble at the Denver Academy of Dramatic Arts, the resident graphic designer for Firehouse Theater Company, and a favorite of One Night Stand audiences!

Dorn Animal 2.png

Patrick Dorn

The work of playwright Patrick Rainville Dorn first appeared on the One Night Stand Theater stage in 2012 when Dysfunctional Family Theater featured his “Zombie Family Picnic.” Since then, we’ve produced his funny and offbeat plays including “Peacemaker,” “Well Bred,” “The Lineup,” “Heaven Sent” and “The Blue Priest.” An Anglican priest and full-time chaplain, Patrick picked up a BA in theater on the West Coast and an MA in theater in Denver, taught English and drama at university and high school levels, and served as a theater critic for the Denver Catholic Register, AOL, the Boulder Daily Camera and various blogs. Outside of theater he has written weird Westerns, Irish urban fantasies and supernatural mysteries. More about his work can be found at Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your talent, imagination and comic sensibilities with One Night Stand!

Faust Wayne.jpg

Wayne Faust 

Wayne Faust has been a music and comedy performer for decades (throughout the U.S. and overseas), but his contribution to One Night Stand Theater has been his stories. From the first Faust story we performed (“Emil and the Aliens” for Sci-Fi Theater) to the latest (“Al’s All-Nude Barbeque” for Food, Glorious Food!), his mix of fantasy, humor, and horror has delighted our audiences for years. Encountering werewolves on a lonely Nebraska drive, experiencing the existential angst of a snowman, or inexplicably hearing movie music accompany the events of your life…they all seem real when Wayne writes about them. One Night Stand is a very colorful and often frightening place, thanks to his talents.

Flynn Tom.jpg

Tom Flynn

It’s always a thrill to have Tom Flynn in one of our shows. From his first appearance in On the Air to his directing turn for Food, Glorious Food!, Tom’s talents always shine through. He’s also a writer (working on a novel) and served as artistic director of Odyssey Players, a classical-based theater company originally based in the San Francisco Bay area. Among our favorite Flynn roles are “The Strange Dr. Weird” in the aforementioned On the Air and the Cheshire Cat in One Night Stand in Wonderland.


Beth Foster

Beth Foster is a founding member and producer of One Night Stand Theater, and also came up with the name of our illustrious organization. She has been involved in Denver-area community theater since 1990, filling all roles from box office to stage manager to actor to director to producer, the part she says suits her best. Her other favorite producer gig was the Colorado Women Playwrights Festival, where she also directed. Beth occasionally directs for ONS as well, most recently for A One Night Stand Halloween. Thank you, Beth, for making One Night Stand happen!

Gabridge Pat.jpg

Patrick Gabridge

We always look forward to featuring Patrick Gabridge’s plays in our One Night Stand Theater shows. His plays’ subjects range from comic fantasies to harsh social realities: “Santa Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (‘Twas the One Night Stand Before Christmas), “How Does It Feel to Be a Problem” (Voices for Change), “The Invisible Husband (In a Faraway Land) and “Beatrix Potter Must Die!” (Victorian Secrets). A former Colorado resident, Patrick co-founded Chameleon Stage in Denver and served as President of Colorado Dramatists. Now living in Massachusetts, he’s been a Playwriting Fellow with the Huntington Theatre Company and New Rep and is a member of the Dramatists Guild. His plays have been staged around the world and include Lab Rats, Distant Neighbors, Fire on Earth, Reading the Mind of God, Blinders, and Blood on the Snow, and he is the author of three novels (Tornado Siren, Moving (A Life in Boxes), and Steering to Freedom). And in his spare time, he likes to farm. Thank you, Patrick, for sharing your wonderful plays with our Denver audience!

Garcia Jacqueline.jpg

Jacqueline Garcia

Fans of One Night Stand are familiar with Jacqueline Garcia’s wonderful acting skills, but they may not know that she has also contributed her writing talents to our shows: “Science Camp,” “Almost Native,” and “Adam Eve Adam.” Jacqueline first appeared on the ONS stage in Absolute Horror and since then has performed in such pieces as Melissa McCarl’s “Carlene Yakkin;” two monologues from Jeffrey Neuman’s Zeus’ Women (as Athena and Mnemosyne), and  Peter Nemenoff’s “Arrivals and Departures.” It’s always great to have Jacqueline in the cast!

Hall Cindy.jpg

Cindy Hall

Cindy Hall is a founding member of One Night Stand Theater and has worked with us as an actor, director, producer, stage manager and board member. Her acting talents have been on display in such shows as Shakespeare After Dark, Tune In Tomorrow, Witches Brew, and Of Beaches and Blankets, and she has directed for shows too numerous to mention (but we’ll mention Victorian Secrets, Voices for Change, and Weird Love, Dark Kisses). She has also performed with the Bovine Metropolis, the Dangerous Theatre, and Chameleon Stage in Denver, and with Zebra Crossing Theater and the Emerging Artists Project in Chicago. Thank you, Cindy, for helping make One Night Stand Theater a success for these many years!

Hart Adrian.jpg

Adrian Hart

Adrian Hart first acted with One Night Stand Theater in the “World Folk” show In a Faraway Land in 2013. Since then he’s been featured in a dizzying array of roles, from Dr. Ion in “Time Slot” (Sci-Fi Theater II: Aliens Among Us) and a conscience-stricken cop in “Delivered” (Voices for Change) to a futuristic soldier in “War to End All” (Apocalypse Tonight!) and Adam (three times in one night!) in One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden. Adrian has studied acting and improv at the Denver Center Theatre Academy and has appeared in several local productions, including the plays Moon Over Buffalo and The Rimers of Eldritch and the films Ink (by Jamin Winans) and The Highwayman (Inferno Films). Adrian’s energy and talents are always appreciated by both our audiences and our directors. Thank you, Adrian, for contributing your acting skills to our One Night Stand productions!

Hasbrouck Scott.jpg

Scott Hasbrouck

Scott Hasbrouck’s first role with One Night Stand was the title character of “Hamlet: Beach Patrol” in our Of Beaches and Blankets evening. Since then, he’s been featured in Dysfunctional Family Theater, One Night Stand in Wonderland, Voices for Change, Animal Kingdom, and other ONS shows, often in a villainous or despicable role. (That’s acting!) Scott teaches theater at George Washington High School in Denver and has worked professionally as an actor, director, stage manager, lighting designer, set designer, sound designer … you name it, he’s done it! He was manager and technical director at the Denver Victorian Playhouse for five years and counts the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, Ascot Dinner Theatre, and the Changing Scene among his work haunts. Thank you, Scott, for being part of One Night Stand Theater!

Hiatt Joi.jpg

Joi Hiatt

Joi Hiatt first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in the 2017 production of Trains and Planes and quickly became an ONS favorite, appearing in One Night Stand in Heaven and Hell, One Night Stand Around the World, Star-Crossed Lovers, and more. She is a theatrical, film, and commercial actor and director who graduated from the University of Colorado and has appeared in numerous plays and local films. Notable roles include Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire, Queen Gertrude in Hamlet, Bottom in A Midsummer’s Night Dream, and Sherlock Holmes in The Hound of the Baskervilles, as well as roles in Pride and Prejudice, Miracle on 34th Street, and Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. Joi has appeared with or served on the board of Su Teatro, the PACE Center, the Athena Project, Arts in the Open, Vintage Theatre, and Zounds! Theater Co. We are always thrilled when she is able to join us onstage; thank you, Joi, for being part of One Night Stand Theater!

Hoskins Brenda.jpg

Brenda Hoskins

Brenda Hoskins is a triple threat: Her first contributions to One Night Stand were as a playwright, in A Play Is Born, Inspiration Strikes, The Curtain Rises, and One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden. She then graced our ONS stage as an actor for In a Faraway Land and The Curtain Rises. Now her directing talents enliven our shows on a regular basis. Brenda has worked (and played!) in the Denver theatrical arena for over 20 years and most recently directed for Red Rocks Community College’s Rocky Mountain Short Play Festival. She has also served on the ONS Board of Directors. We always look forward to Brenda’s contributions to our shows!

Honiotes Kristin.jpg

Kristin Honiotes

Kristin Honiotes has appeared both onstage and behind the scenes at ONS. She portrayed the mysterious horse-girl in In a Faraway Land, had an awkward first date in a deserted dentist office in The Curtain Rises, and danced in “Snow Dance” in our Mark Ogle playwright evening. She has directed plays for our ONS shows about war, space aliens, and the Garden of Eden. In 2015 she did double duty in Voices for Change as director (“Imperfections” and “How Does It Feel to Be a Problem”) and actor (“Holy Martyr”). She is the managing director for The Wit Theatre Company in Denver, has acted in shows like Rent and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, manages Denver’s Crossroads Theater, and fronts the Denver band Wolfgirl. Thank you, Kristin, for all your contributions to ONS!

J. Jackson

One Night Stand Theater first encountered writer J. Jackson in Hearts on Fire in 2013, when we presented the story/monologue “From a Place with No Trains.” Since then, ONS has been fortunate to feature Jackson's plays and stories in several shows: “Jason” in One Night Stand Goes to War, “Plants” in Sci-Fi Theater II: Aliens Among Us, “Lost” in our Wild West show, “The Mind” in our Hollywood evening, “Legacy” from the Victorian Secrets showcase, and “Let That Be a Lesson…” from Bible Stories! A member of Colorado Dramatists, J. Jackson began writing for the theater in the late 1980s and has had plays performed in Los Angeles, New York, Denver, and Hawaii. Thank you, J., for sharing your talent and imagination!

Keilback Kurt.jpg

Kurt Keilbach

Kurt J. Keilbach has acted in One Night Stand Theater productions since 2012, when he appeared in the Inspiration Strikes plays “Homing” and “Demons Lurking.” Since then he has been featured in the ONS productions Sci-Fi Theater II, One Night Stand in Hollywood, Victorian Secrets, Mystery Radio Theater and more, playing such diverse roles as a tough-talking detective, an alien abductee, and Dracula. Kurt hails from Longmont, Colorado, where he has appeared in numerous shows with Longmont Theatre Company (LTC) and LTC’s summer outreach group A Taste of Shakespeare. Thank you, Kurt, for traveling from “up north” to share your talents with One Night Stand!

Kelso Cassie.jpg

Cassie Kelso

It seems like only yesterday that Cassie Kelso first appeared on our One Night Stand stage in Dysfunctional Family Theater. Since then her talent and enthusiasm has shone through in several roles (such as a misplaced television sci-fi alien, a surreal dream dinner date, and a foul-mouthed children’s show performer) in such ONS productions as Hearts on Fire, Ghosts, Sci-Fi Theatre II: Aliens Among Us, and Weird Love, Dark Kisses. She has also appeared in Denver productions of Sylvia (in the title role), The Odd Couple (Female Version) and Bright Ideas. In 2016, Cassie is heading off to New York to study at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting…break a leg, Cassie, and there’s always a role for you here in Denver with One Night Stand!

Knapp Debbie.jpg

Debbie Knapp

Debbie Knapp studied theater at Northern Illinois University with classmates Dan Castellaneta (Homer Simpson) and Joan Allen, then worked tech jobs in Chicago professional theater in the days of John Malkovich, William S. Peterson, Laurie Metcalf, William Macy and Megan Mullally. It was there that Debbie perfected her craft (and the art of shameless name-dropping!), followed by a stint of teaching high school theatre, speech and English (where, she says, “I no doubt warped young minds for decades to come”). She produced Colorado Homegrown Tales through several seasons of Denver actors reading short stories from Colorado authors (including many future One Night Stand actors and authors). In addition to producing the ONS evening Unexpected Arrivals, Debbie has appeared in such ONS shows as One Night Stand with Shakespeare, Sci-Fi Theatre, Backstage Pass, and Shakespeare After Dark. Thank you, Debbie, for your inspiration and storytelling skills!

Kolar Charles.jpg

Charles Kolar

Charles Kolar first appeared on the One Night Stand stage in Summer 2012 in Of Beaches and Blankets as astronaut Buzz Aldrin. Since then, his versatile acting skills have been on display playing kings, thieves, cowboys and even a clothespin in such ONS shows as Dysfunctional Family Theater, In a Faraway Land, Tune inTomorrow, and One Night Stand in the Wild West. Charles is a Denver theater veteran, acting in more than 90 plays as well as in movies and with comedy groups, and also as a role-player in police training programs. The Denver Victorian Playhouse, the Boulder Acting Group, and Colorado Quickies are among the many venues he has performed in. We look forward to Charles’ future appearances on our stage!

Kramer Stephen.jpg

Stephen Kramer

Stephen R. Kramer first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in 2015 in One Night Stand’s Animal Kingdom, but before, during and after that he has worked with many theaters in the Rocky Mountain region as an actor, director and designer. A graduate of the University of Denver, Steve has over 30 seasons with Germinal Stage in Denver, where he is a board member and the Assistant Director Manager. His ONS credits include The Dark Woods, One Night Stand with Jeffrey Neuman, Law and Disorder and The Seven Deadly Sins, as well as the audio shows One Night Stand’s Haunted Theater and Only a Game. It’s always a pleasure see him perform on our stage (both real and virtual). Thank you, Steve, for sharing your talents with One Night Stand!

Leonard Leroy.jpg

Leroy Leonard

Leroy Leonard is the only actor who has appeared on the One Night Stand stage in a straightjacket: part of his recitation of the Pyramus and Thisbe scene from A Midsummer’s Night Dream, where he escaped from the jacket before the sands of the hourglass ran out. That took place in One Night Stand with Shakespeare and he followed that up in Shakespeare After Dark by being cut in half while performing both parts in Richard’s seduction of Anne from Richard III.ONS fans may recall his incredible performance in Wayne Faust’s “Bring ‘Em Back” in our Ghosts show, but they might not know Leroy has contributed four plays and stories to ONS as well: “Hopi Magic Is Strong,” “The Bat,” “The Carp,” and “A Handful of Dirt.” In the daytime, Leroy performs and teaches as Merry-Andrew Afoot, a one-person children’s theatre. On stage and off, we appreciate all of Leroy’s contributions!

MacDonald Jennie.jpg

Jennie MacDonald

Jennie MacDonald first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in 2011’s One Night Stand with Steve Hunter in the play/monologue “Red Shoulder.” Since then, she has acted in two of our old-time radio shows (Death by Radio and Tune in Tomorrow) and our Muse of Fire poetry evening, where she performed haiku and appeared as Emily Dickinson. When she’s not on stage, she’s a playwright, providing ONS with “The St. Nicholas Caper” for our Christmas show, “Samson Agonizes” for Bible Stories! and “A Merry Widow or Two” for Victorian Secrets. Jennie has acted with Germinal Stage Denver, the Aurora Fox and the Victorian Theater, and received the Denver Drama Critics Circle award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Laura in Germinal’s production of The Glass Menagerie. On top of all that, she holds a Ph.D. in 18th-century British literature and drama from the University of Denver. Thank you, Dr. MacDonald, for your acting and writing contributions to One Night Stand!

Mangett Katie.jpg

Katie Mangett

We’re always excited when Katie Mangett finds time in her busy schedule to join a One Night Stand Theater show. She first appeared on our stage for Food, Glorious Food! and followed that by playing Eve in our One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden, a confused storyteller in ‘Twas the One Night Stand Before Christmas, and a Midwestern baker visited by Jacques Cousteau in One Night Stand in Hollywood. Acting is not her only talent, however…she is a fantastic stage director, lending her skills to Weird Love, Dark Kisses; our Leroy Leonard playwright evening; and Bible Stories! Katie has performed and directed in many productions in the Denver area at the Vintage Theatre, Spotlight Theatre, Ignite, and Germinal Stage. Thank you, Katie, for being part of the One Night Stand brigade!

Miller Jeff.jpg

Jeff Miller

During our first 10 years of One Night Stand Theater we had the great fortune of having Jeff Miller in many of our ONS casts. A veteran of the Chameleon Stage/Write Angle Colorado Quickies productions, Jeff’s talents came in handy playing Abraham Lincoln in the One Night Stand Goes to War evening, Neil Armstrong in Of Beaches and Blankets, and the Caterpillar in One Night Stand in Wonderland. Jeff was also a master of sound effects, as proven in On the Air and Death by Radio, where he provided an amazing array of effects…with only his voice! Jeff passed away in 2019; we miss him and fondly remember his time with ONS.

Nelson Hilarie.jpg

Hilarie Nelson

Hilarie Nelson was first seen on the One Night Stand Theater stage in 2015. Memorable roles include Didi in “De Minimus” (for Life in the Theater), Dana in “After the Rain” (for Trains and Planes) and several in our In the Works shows (especially in the plays “Killing Pollyanna,” “Two’s Company,” “Five Months and Twenty-Nine Days” and “Tradition”). Outside of ONS, her favorite roles include BeeBee in Suburbia, Marie Baker in Pensacola, and Patricia McCann in Frozen Stars (all with Red Rocks Community College). Hilarie has an Associate of Arts degree from Red Rocks and has been focusing on film work, including short films for the Colorado Independent Women of Film Festival, the television production Drama Queens, and the role of Harley Quinn. Thank you, Hilarie, for all your talents and for being a part of One Night Stand!

Neuman Jeffrey.jpg

Jeffrey Neuman

It’s always a treat for us and the audience when we present a play by Jeffrey Neuman. His ingenious work runs the gamut from tales of post-coitus praying mantises ("InSex") and absurd theater auditions ("Award Winning Entry") to original takes on Greek goddesses ("Zeus’s Women") and serial killers ("Delivered"). Jeff is an award-winning playwright whose work has appeared across the United States as well as Australia and the United Kingdom. His plays have been produced by Emerging Artists Theatre Company, Edinburgh Fringe, FUSION Theatre Company, and the Samuel French Off Off Broadway Festival, among others. He’s also a Heideman Award finalist, co-founder of Colorado’s Rough Draught Playwrights, a member of the Dramatists Guild of America, and caretaker of, where you can find out more about all his plays. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your storytelling talent with One Night Stand!

OLeary Jim.jpg

Jim O'Leary

Jim O’Leary is the Artistic Director of One Night Stand Theater and a founding member. He has worked as a director and actor with several Denver-area theater companies and has been with One Night Stand since its first production. In addition to contacting playwrights and writers for scripts and casting the actors for the show, he also directs several of the plays and stories each year and acts as host for each production. If he’s feeling brave enough, he writes occasional sketches for the shows or “designs” high-concept productions like Muse of Fire, Tune in Tomorrow, One Night Stand in Wonderland and Shakespeare After Dark. Thanks so much to Jim for all his contributions to ONS!

ONeill Rebecca Gorman.jpg

Rebecca Gorman O'Neill

Rebecca Gorman O’Neill has been sharing her talent and skill with One Night Stand Theater since our third show, Sci-Fi Theater, when we featured an excerpt from her full-length play The Greater Good. Since then we’ve performed excerpts from her plays The Ghosts of Us and The One-Man Poe, as well as her shorter plays “The Porter Scene,” “Photo Shoppin’,” “The Betrayer’s Defense” and “The Way Station.” Rebecca started writing plays at Dartmouth College (where she won the Eleanor Frost Playwright award) and earned her MFA in dramatic writing from Carnegie Mellon University. She is an English professor at Metropolitan State University, where she teaches playwriting (of course!), screenwriting, cinema studies, and the graphic novel. Thank you, Rebecca, for your wonderful contributions to One Night Stand!

Ogle Mark.jpg

Mark Ogle

Mark Ogle is not only a fine addition to our roster of One Night Stand actors, he’s also one of our favorite playwrights, with his work featured in One Night Stand with Mark Ogle in 2013 and other evenings. Mark played God three times in one show (for One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden), and he was a producer and director in the annual Colorado Quickies  productions of original short plays in the Denver area, where many of the One Night Standers first met each other. So it’s safe to say that he’s an important guy for ONS!

O'Leary Jeff.jpg

Jeff O'Leary

Jeff O'Leary is a writer, improviser, and actor living in Denver, Colorado. He is a graduate of the improvisational comedy training programs at Second City and IOWest in Los Angeles, and The Magnet and UCB in New York City. Jeff’s love of storytelling led him to pursue an MFA in Creative Writing at San Jose State University. As a member of the Improvisational Repertory Theater Ensemble (IRTE) in New York, Jeff performed in multiple productions and directed his own original show, “The Clique.” Jeff’s creative pursuits extend beyond the stage, with his web series "Principal O'Leary" and his horror podcast "Short Fuse for Fear." For One Night Stand, Jeff first contributed four plays and stories, along with some voice acting, to our 2020-2022 online audio shows: “A Few Good Ghouls,” “The Wildflowers of Banff,” “The Bully” and “The Ghost of Golden Gate Park.” Since then, we have featured his work onstage with “Sabrina, the Beach Girls and Me,” “Leonard McGillicutty, Polar Explorer” and “The Curious Case of the Teen Detective.” Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your creativity and skill with One Night Stand.

Ortiz Maria.jpg

Maria Alyssandra Ortiz

Maria Alyssandra Ortiz made her first appearance with One Night Stand Theater in Voices for Change in 2015, and we’ve been fortunate to have her return to our stage many times since then. She has acted in One Night Stand’s Animal Kingdom, Apocalypse Tonight, The One Night Stand Time Machine, Back to School, and several of our In the Works shows. Maria received her BA in theater from the University of New Mexico and later graduated from the Second City Conservatory in Chicago. She has also done voice-over work for Rocky Mountain PBS (Public Broadcasting Service). Her talent and enthusiasm are great additions to our ONS ensemble. Thank you, Maria, for being part of ONS Theater!

PalmerinSegura Mauro.jpg

Mauro Palmerin-Segura

Mauro Palmerin-Segura Jr. first came to our attention in Colorado Theatre Hikes’ 10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse, which led to another “doomsday” romp: One Night Stand Theater’s Apocalypse Tonight! He acted in “War to End All” in that show and since then has been featured in Villains (“The Haul” and “Hello, Grandma?”) and four of the In the Works productions at Red Rocks Community College (“Honor Thy Father,” “Hippies Running the World,” “A Bitter-Sweet Ambivalence,” “Death and Harvest,” “Junglr” and “What Is LOVE?”). Mauro was born and raised in California, studied theater and dance in Arkansas, and moved to Denver with a passion for theater he’s had since the eighth grade. Thank you, Mauro, for bringing these characters to life on the One Night Stand stage!

Payseno Kytriena.jpg

Kytriena Payseno

Kytriena (Kat) Payseno has been with One Night Stand Theater from the beginning: she starred in our very first ONS show (Dark Duet) and then contributed as an actor, director and techie before heading off to California, where she performed with the Santa Paula Theater, Elite Theatre, Theatre 150, and the Ojai Arts Center (receiving two awards for Best Supporting Actress). A graduate of Metropolitan State University-Denver with a master’s from the University of Essex-East 15 Acting School in England, Kat made her way back to Colorado recently and has been featured in our Heaven and Hell, Around the World, and Halloween shows along with many other plays and films in the Denver area. She also created SpeakEZ Cabaret and is an associate creator of the Glass Moon Theatre Co. We are so happy to have her gracing the One Night Stand stage once again…thank you, Kat, for all that you do!

Price jillian.jpg

Jillian J. Price

Jillian J. Price is a relative newcomer to One Night Stand Theater, with 2016’s Victorian Secrets being her first ONS show. Since then she has been one of our favorite actors, appearing in such shows as One Night Stand with American History, Mystery Radio Theater, Intoxicated! and Law and Disorder. Jillian has appeared on Denver and Boulder stages for several years and her favorite roles include Lexie in The Dixie Swim Club, Ann in At Home at the Zoo, and M’Lynn in Steel Magnolias. She also enjoys running marathons, riding centuries, and practicing law. Thank you, Jillian, for sharing your talents with One Night Stand!

Rossetto Chelsea.jpg

Chelsea Rossetto

Chelsea Rossetto is a sign language interpreter by day and an actor by night. She first appeared with One Night Stand in “Murphy’s Elk” in our One Night Stand with Steve Hunter, and since then she’s joined us for Witches Brew, Inspiration Strikes, Animal Kingdom, One Night Stand in Hollywood and more. Whether portraying Deena of the Dino Mites (Animal Kingdom) or one of Macbeth’s witches (twice, in Witches Brew and Shakespeare’s Curse), it’s always a treat to have Chelsea in the cast. At other Denver theaters she’s appeared in shows like Moonlight and Magnolias, Moon Over Buffalo, Inspecting Carol and The Taming of the Shrew. Thank you, Chelsea for lending your talents with One Night Stand!

Sanford Cody.jpg

Cody Sanford

The amazing Cody Sanford is the Technical Director of One Night Stand Theater, running every ONS show and providing all the sound effects from the beginning. Cody has an AAS from Red Rocks Community College and has been working in the professional and educational theater community since 2003. He has contributed the occasional script to ONS, most recently “The Devil’s Due” in our Bible Stories! show. Beyond that he has acted in plays such as Much Ado About Nothing and Rainy Day People…and every once in a while, you might hear him during a One Night Stand show, most recently as part of the “What Am I On?” contest for Intoxicated! Cody is an invaluable member of the One Night Stand team and we appreciate all that he does!

Scott Lorraine.jpg

Lorraine Scott

Lorraine Scott, a founding member and production director for One Night Stand Theater, has been involved in theater for over 30 years in the Denver area as a teacher, director, performer and administrator. She has been teaching with the theater department at Metropolitan State University Denver for the past 26 years and has shown her directing skills in area productions such as Irish Tales Along the Trail with Arts in the Open and Boston Marriage with Vintage Theatre. She has also produced Vintage Theatre’s New Comedy Play Festival and is on the board of directors of both the Vintage and Firehouse Theater. Lorraine’s knowledge and expertise are valuable assets for One Night Stand, and we appreciate all that she does!

Thompson Bill.jpg

Bill Thompson

Bill Thompson was present at the very first One Night Stand Theater production: a staged reading of his dramatic play Dark Duet. Since then we’ve featured his short plays “The Phantom Bear” in A Play Is Born, “Maxwell Edison” in On the Edge, and “POeTry 10¢” in Muse of Fire. Bill has retired from teaching mathematics at Red Rocks Community College, and his humorous side has been on display at ONS with the comedy sketch “Pi Day” in the first Sci-Fi Theater production and the two appearances of Doctors Tweedledum and Tweedledee in One Night Stand in Wonderland and Sci-Fi Theater II. We always look forward to what Bill will come up with next!

Timblin Carol.jpg

Carol Timblin

We are fortunate to have Carol Timblin as a part of One Night Stand Theater since 2015. A graduate of Denver’s Loretto Heights College, Carol first appeared with ONS in The Dark Woods and has since acted in many of our shows, including In the Works, The One Night Stand Time Machine, Villains, One Night Stand’s Summer Fling, One Night Stand’s Family Reunion, and Parents Night. Carol’s acting roles for One Night Stand have included a mother (more than once), a homeless woman, and a narrator for both stories and stage directions. She has worked with several Denver-area theater groups like the Changing Scene, Fox Theater, Germinal Stage, and most recently And Toto Too. When not acting, Carol can be found behind the scenes doing theater stage and production management. Thank you, Carol, for your enthusiasm and talent!

Tisdale Bethany.jpg

​Bethany Lillis Tisdale

Bethany Lillis Tisdale first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in our Animal Kingdom evening as Serpentes in “The Crow and the Snake.” Since then, she has been one of our favorite and most versatile actors, appearing in One Night Stand in Hollywood (memorably narrating “To Be Her”), Victorian Secrets (as Beatrix Potter and the Merry Widow), Shakespeare’s Curse, Muse of Fire, and more. She has appeared in many Denver-area theaters, including Spotlight Theater, Backstage Theatre, and Miners Alley Playhouse, in such roles as Ruth in Blithe Spirit, Emily in Our Town, Alison in A Touch of Spring, and Gloria in Boeing Boeing. Thank you, Bethany, for all your contributions to ONS!

Tisdale Doug.jpg

Doug Tisdale

Doug “The Doug” Tisdale first appeared with One Night Stand Theater as a dog named Stryder in “Well Bred” in our Animal Kingdom evening. Since then he’s been seen in such ONS roles as the Beowulf poet in Muse of Fire and a time-traveling farmer in “Beatrix Potter Must Die” (Victorian Secrets). In our first In the Works evening he acted opposite his wife Bethany in “The Clutch.” He has performed in several theaters in and around Denver over the past quarter-century. His favorite past roles include Mike Talman in Wait Until Dark, Clifford Anderson in Deathtrap, Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady, and the dragon Smaug in The Hobbit. Thank you, Doug, for all your great performances on the ONS stage!

Townend Allyx.jpg

Allyx Townend

Allyx Townend’s first production with One Night Stand Theater was 2010’s On the Edge, followed by once-a-year appearances for Inspiration Strikes and Scars: Breaking the Cycle. Since then she has played the roles of Alice in One Night Stand in Wonderland and the poisonous spouse of “The Invisible Husband” in In a Faraway Land, and most recently appeared in the casts of The Dark Woods and Bible Stories! Outside of ONS, her roles include Mayella Ewell in To Kill a Mockingbird with Spotlight Theatre Company and The Blue Room with Lost and Found Productions, and she also works as a teaching artist for Mirror image Arts, an applied-theater company serving Denver youth. Whether playing comedic or dramatic characters, it’s always a treat when she shares her acting talents with us. Thank you, Allyx, for your contributions to One Night Stand!

Ufford Dave.jpg

Dave Ufford

One of our favorite actors, Dave Ufford first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in our Sci-Fi Theatre evening, and since then has appeared with ONS in a variety of roles, including a shaman and “Mega-God” in One Night Stand with God, Ulysses S. Grant in One Night Stand in the Wild West, Fearless Frank and “Envy” in Bible Stories!, and Davy Crockett in One Night Stand with American History. Dave first entered the Denver theater scene in 1985 with the Lakewood Players in The Philadelphia Story, and has appeared in Colorado Quickies, The Value of Names at Theatre Or, Theatre on Broadway, Ooma’s Ladder at the Mercury Café, and Love Stinks at the Avenue Theatre. Thank you, Dave, for contributing your talent and goodwill to our shows!

Wagner Brad.jpg

Brad Wagner

Brad Wagner first joined One Night Stand Theater for Scars: Breaking the Cycle and since then has played such diverse roles as the White Rabbit in One Night Stand in Wonderland, the doomed cannibal Charlie Buck in One Night Stand in the Old West, and Bobby Benson, the overly excitable pre-teen ranch owner in our old-time radio show Tune in Tomorrow. Brad is active throughout the Denver area with groups like Vintage Theater, Foothills Theater Company, and Dirtyfish Theater. He is also a musician: he played guitar in the orchestra of Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical for Equinox Theatre, and his songwriting skills for the film Hans Crippleton: Talk to the Hans were nominated for best original score in San Diego's FANtastic Film Fest. While we haven’t found an opportunity for his musical skills in a One Night Stand show, it’s only a matter of time…. Thank you, Brad, for your contributions…it’s always a treat for us (and the audience) when you’re on stage!

Wencel Gina.jpeg

Gina Wencel

Gina Wencel’s short stories have been featured in One Night Stand Theater productions since 2013, when her short story “You Have Come” appeared in our Ghosts production. “Serpent in Love” was performed twice: first in 2014’s One Night Stand in the Garden of Eden and again in our 10th-anniversary show The One Night Stand Time Machine. Other stories include “To Be Her” in One Night Stand in Hollywood, “Sexual Abstraction” in Weird Love, Dark Kisses, and “Victorian Ghost” in One Night Stand’s Haunted Theater. Gina has acted in theaters throughout the Denver area and her written work has been featured with Shocking Beyond Belief Films. She has read her work onstage for The Narrators; Stories, Stories, Bring Your Stories; and Theater 29, and she is also lyricist and singer for the band Odyle. Thank you, Gina, for sharing your talent with One Night Stand and our audience!

Wellens Suzanna.jpg

Suzanna Wellens

Suzanna Wellens’ skills as an actor and storyteller are always on display when she’s in one of our One Night Stand shows. She joined us during our first year for Backstage Pass (along with her daughter Clio), and since then has appeared in American Folk, Ghosts, and other ONS evenings. Suzanna was a fortune teller and Lady Macbeth in Witches Brew, portrayed an insane TV sitcom housewife and an alien-possessed archeologist in Sci-Fi Theater: Aliens Among Us, was killed by a space monster in Death by Radio, and murdered unknown numbers of men in Weird Love, Dark Kisses. She can be seen around town with Germinal Stage, The Edge, Spotlight Theatre, Theatre Hikes Colorado, and many other Denver companies, and she teaches drama through the Aurora Fox Theater. Thank you, Suzanna, for sharing your talents with One Night Stand!

Williams Guy.jpg

Guy Williams

Guy Williams first appeared with One Night Stand Theater in 2010’s Absolute Horror and has lent his consummate vocal skills to our three “radio” shows: On the Air (as Johnny Dollar and other roles), Death by Radio, and Tune in Tomorrow (where he portrayed the enigmatic Dantro, the Planet Man). He has also acted in One Night Stand with Leroy Leonard, The Dark Woods, and Apocalypse Tonight! Guy holds a B.A. (double major) in English and Theatre from Loretto Heights College and spent 15 years with the Empire Lyric Players specializing in Gilbert and Sullivan patter-song roles. He has been a regular with Colorado Homegrown Tales since its inception, works as a narrator for Talking Book Publishers, Inc., and even portrayed Charles Manson at Denver’s LIDA Project. Thank you, Guy, for your wonderful contributions to One Night Stand Theater!

Wolf Jeffrey.jpg

Jeffrey Wolf

Jeffrey Wolf has been sharing his writing talents with One Night Stand Theater for years with such wonderful short plays as “Lincoln on the Train,” “Slipping into Anarchy,” “The Department of Famous Last Words,” “Up and Down,” “Singularity” and “The Scientific Study of Human Comprehension.” His full-length play Shakespeare’s Curse was workshopped at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts’ New Play Summit in 2015 and was featured in a rare One Night Stand staged reading in 2016. Jeff has won numerous awards for his plays, which have been produced in the United States and internationally, including The Worst Play in the History of Ever, Memories of Lost Time, and Starters. Several of his short plays are published in collections, and recently his full-length play Drowning the Stream was produced by Harlequin Productions in Auburn, New York. Thank you, Jeff, for being a part of One Night Stand!

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