Welcome to our virtual theater for another “stay at home” audio mini-show: Stories and plays about the world of games.


The show is in three parts (click on each to listen):


Part 1 (19 minutes)

“Two Puzzles Walk Into a Bar” by Donna Hoke

“Anagrams: The After Dinner Treat” by J. Jackson


Part 2 (14 minutes)

“Waiting for the Next Move” by Wayne Faust

“The Amazing 8-Ball Year” by Dave Ufford


Part 3 (21 minutes)

“Passing Go” by D. J. Jones

“Whimsy” by Jennie MacDonald


Performed by:

Bevin Antea, Dave Brandl, Stephen R. Kramer, Troy Lakey, Leroy Leonard, James O’Leary, Theodore Story, Dave Ufford and Suzanna Wellens


Original music by Dave Brandl

Part 1
00:00 / 18:53
Part 2
00:00 / 13:54
Part 3
00:00 / 20:34

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We’re happy to announce our plays and stories for the upcoming One Night Stand Theater audio show, “Bad Bedtime Stories”! Congratulations to our writers and their unique takes on fairy tales and children’s stories:


  • “Granny’s Shack” by Ross Peter Nelson

  • “The Little Wolf Who Cried ‘Boy!’” by Dave Ufford

  • “Making Matches” by Jennie MacDonald

  • “Purgatory” by Brooke Olson

  • “Arthur’s Bane” by Wayne Faust

  • “A Time to Sleep” by J. Jackson

  • “Great Grandmother” by Leroy Leonard

  • “The Wildflowers of Banff” by Jeff O’Leary


We will release our mini-show in mid-April. Right now, you can listen to our “Only a Game” audio show (above) along with all of last year’s audio mini-shows.


A trio of announcements:


1. Congratulations to our newest 7Night Stander, Stephen R. Kramer! He has acted in seven of our One Night Stand Theater shows, including the play “Passing Go” in…

2. Our current audio mini-show, “Only a Game,” now available for listening on our website! It’s all about the games people play (literally and figuratively). If you’ve already enjoyed the show, then you can look forward to…

3. Our April audio mini-show, “Bad Bedtime Stories”! Attention writers, the deadline for submitting short plays, stories, poems, memories, etc. is March 13 (at tickets@OneNightStandTheater.org). The theme is your own reinterpretation, parody, or skewed take on a fairy tale, folktale, or children’s literature!

Get ready for our “Family Reunion”! We’re accepting short plays, short stories, poems and musings for our next audio mini-show: “One Night Stand’s Family Reunion.” This June online production will be all about families: parents, children, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, cousins…individually or all together. Send us your comic or dramatic tale by May 8 to tickets@OneNightStandTheater.org and we’ll consider it for the show!

Contact us by email or call 303.725.4959

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