Welcome to our virtual theater for another audio mini-show: Stories and plays that show the lighter and darker sides of fairy tales and children's stories.


The show is in three parts (click on each to listen):


Part 1 (25 minutes)

“Granny's Shack” by Ross Peter Nelson

“The Little Wolf Who Cried 'Boy!'” by Dave Ufford

"Purgatory" by Brooke Olson


Part 2 (24 minutes)

“Arthur's Bane” by Wayne Faust


Part 3 (19 minutes)

“A Time to Sleep” by J. Jackson

“The Wildflowers of Banff” by Jeff O'Leary

"Making Matches" by Jennie MacDonald

"Great Grandmother" by Leroy Leonard


Performed by:

MaryAnn Amari, Erin Bell, Linda Swanson Brown, Matthew Davis, Randy Diamon, Kytriena Payseno, Dave Ufford, Gary Webster and Guy Williams

Part 1Bad Bedtime Stories
00:00 / 24:11
Part 2Bad Bedtime Stories
00:00 / 23:18
Part 3Bad Bedtime Stories
00:00 / 18:30

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Here are updates on our One Night Stand Theater audio “mini-shows”:


We’ve been working with the cast of “One Night Stand’s Family Reunion,” putting together our next audio show. Actors MaryAnn Amari, Bevin Antea, Linda Swanson Brown, Stephen R. Kramer, Jack McCarthy, Hilarie Nelson, Jillian Price, Theodore Story, Carol Timblin, Allyx Townend and Suzanna Wellens join writers Suzi Finkelstein, Beth Foster, Donna Hoke, Lael Littke, Jennie MacDonald and J.C. Svec for plays and stories about family. Our family reunion will be online in mid-June!


We’re now accepting short plays, stories, poems and essays for our August One Night Stand Theater audio show: “Back to School!” The theme for this show covers grade-school playgrounds, high-school proms, college campuses, beloved or fearsome teachers, brilliant or misguided students, and anything else about the world of education and book learnin’. The deadline is July 11, and you can send submissions to tickets@OneNightStandTheater.org.


In the meantime, you can catch our current audio mini-show online, “Bad Bedtime Stories,” above: an hour of twisted fairy tales, fondly remembered children’s books, and other nighttime fables.


Look who’s coming to our “Family Reunion”! We’re delighted to announce the selections for our upcoming audio mini-show, “One Night Stand’s Family Reunion.” We have two plays and four stories featuring mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces. Congratulations to the playwrights and writers of the following:


  • “A Mother’s Privilege” by Donna Hoke (A surprise announcement)

  • “The Day We Lost Max” by Lael Littke (A tragedy averted)

  • “Inheritance” by Jennie MacDonald (A special bequest)

  • “Aunt Sylvia” by Suzi Finkelstein (A fond memory)

  • “The Concrete Wall” by J.C. Svec (A brother remembered)

  • “Grandpa Gunnar’s Love Life” by Beth Foster (A secret revealed)


This mini-show will be available on our website in mid-June. Until then, you can listen to our “Bad Bedtime Stories” audio show (above) along with all of our previous mini-shows.



Our next “mini-show” is up on our website! “Bad Bedtime Stories” features short plays, stories and a poem showcasing the lighter and darker sides of fairy tales and children’s literature:


  • Little Red Riding Hood gets a lawyer in “Granny’s Shack” by Ross Peter Nelson.

  • Enjoy a short tail from the animal kingdom in “The Little Wolf Who Cried ‘Boy!’” by Dave Ufford.

  • Doze off to Death Valley Radio in “Purgatory” by Brooke Olson.

  • King Arthur faces his future, again and again and again, in “Arthur’s Bane” by Wayne Faust.

  • A least-loved bedtime book is unveiled in “A Time to Sleep” by J. Jackson.

  • Take a trip up north in “The Wildflowers of Banff” by Jeff O’Leary.

  • Discover the bleak aftermath of “Making Matches” by Jennie MacDonald.

  • Listen to a different kind of creation story in “Great Grandmother” by Leroy Leonard.

The show is split into three parts so you can listen at your leisure. It features One Night Stand actors MaryAnn Amari, Erin Bell, Linda Swanson Brown, Matthew Davis, Randy Diamon, Kytriena Payseno, Dave Ufford, Gary Webster and Guy Williams, and you can check it out above. It’s free to listen to, but a mini-donation for our mini-show to help with the costs of this “stay at home” production is appreciated!