Our 2019 Season

February 10 | Star-Crossed Lovers

April 7 | The One Night Stand Time Machine

June 2 | One Night Stand with Jeffrey Neuman

August 4 | Law and Disorder

October 6 | Villains

December 7 | In the Works V

Our February, April, June, August, and October shows happen at Vintage Theatre on Sundays at 7:00 p.m.
The December show takes place at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood.



Congratulations to the playwrights whose work was selected for our Dec. 7 production. “In the Works 5” showcases the talents of Red Rocks Community College (RRCC) playwrighting students and theatre faculty. The show is on a Saturday (instead of our usual Sunday), Dec. 7 at 7:00 p.m. at the RRCC Theatre in Lakewood, Colorado.


This year’s lineup explores love, sexuality and betrayal as the characters in the plays take risks, challenge the rules of society, and face the consequences of their actions:


  • An accidental brother-and-sister reunion brings pain and disappointment in "Fleeting Reunion" by Anne Schwertfeger.

  • A veteran political consultant makes a secret deal with disastrous results in "RealPolitik" by Mike Coste.

  • Best friends reveal hidden feelings and attractions behind a high school dumpster in "Lavender Skies" by Christopher Jones.

  • A heartbroken man seeks comfort from a sex worker in "Cracks" by Cody Healy.

  • A young artist is determined to win the heart of a free-spirited woman in "Before Harmony Sleeps with Jeff" by David-Matthew Barnes.

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